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Hopkins Marine Station Student Papers

This is a searchable bibliography of undergraduate papers done at Hopkins Marine Station. Most of the papers are by Stanford students taking the Spring Class (175H and 176H). These papers date back to 1963, and citations and abstracts for these continue to be added each year. Also included in the database are 239 papers from classes offered by UC Berkeley at Hopkins every summer from 1947 through 1952; 39 papers by Carleton College students who were at Hopkins in 1976 and 1983; and 24 papers done between 1977 and 2000 as honors theses by UC Santa Cruz undergraduates who used Hopkins as their study site.


Joe Wible at IAMSLIC conference in Tasmania
Head Librarian & Bibliographer, Harold A. Miller Library
Assistant to the Director, Hopkins Marine Station
(831) 655-6228