DOI service levels and pricing

The DOI service is offered at three levels.

One-off singleton

Any Stanford affiliate may request and obtain a DOI for a single online resource at no charge.

One-off bulk

Any Stanford affiliate may request and obtain multiple DOIs for a set of online resources at a negotiated rate to be determined. This might be useful for an existing group of publications, such a series of technical reports, or datasets previously published by a research lab for a given project.

Subscription service

Any Stanford affiliate may sign up for an account under the Stanford membership, and then can directly and programmatically mint DOIs. With an account,  you have direct access to many services and features provided by DataCite, including:

  • Unlimited DOIs

  • Dedicated, password-protected account

  • Modern user interface to create and manage users, to configure a custom DOI prefix, to register a DOI on demand, to access reports and statistics

  • Listing in DataCite directory

  • Access to the new metadata store (MDS) application programming interface (API) for system integration

  • DataCite’s technical support and extensive documentation

The cost of a subscription is $1500 per year.

The terms of the subscription service are outlined in this document.

For more information

To sign up or for more information, contact