LOCKSS Partnerships Manager

Apply online at: http://stanford.io/2mBP4MU

This is a two-year fixed-term position, with the possibility of an extension.

The LOCKSS software is an award-winning open-source distributed digital preservation platform used widely by libraries and publishers to preserve and provide access to persistent and authoritative digital content. The LOCKSS Program seeks a Partnerships Manager to support two major and complementary initiatives over the next two years: a major software re-architecture project and expansion of LOCKSS networks and services. This role will serve as an evangelist and liaison for the software re-architecture project, and a community manager and partner consultant for LOCKSS networks.

As an integration broker, this role will help to maximize the benefit of the LOCKSS software re-architecture for the broadest-possible community of digital preservation stakeholders. This will entail engaging with relevant technical communities to facilitate reuse of modularized LOCKSS software components and to enable fruitful technical collaborations on areas of shared interest. This role will also gather and convey community requirements and serendipitous opportunities back to the LOCKSS software development team for consideration of new functionalities, elaborations of the core APIs, or nominal changes to enhance interoperability with other systems. In further support of a community-centric approach, this role will ensure that the software re-architecture project is structured and presented so as to be most amenable to external uptake and engagement.

As a network business manager, this role will help to grow and sustain utilization of LOCKSS networks and technologies for a diversity of communities and digital preservation use cases. This will entail engaging with current and prospective partner communities to understand needs and alignment with LOCKSS resources and service offerings. This role will be instrumental to the further improvement of LOCKSS network services, and will support such functions as business development, consultative services, marketing, project management, service definition, and support coordination. This role will also help to connect related LOCKSS network communities to facilitate technical collaboration, exchange of best practices, and more refined feedback for core service development.

This position entails periodic travel, for partner engagement and representation of LOCKSS at appropriate community fora.

Major areas of activity for this role include:

Perform outreach related to the LOCKSS software re-architecture

  • Develop and maintain a close understanding of LOCKSS software re-architecture goals, progress, and outcomes.
  • Identify projects and communities with a potential stake in the LOCKSS software re-architecture.
  • Canvas and relay opportunities for collaboration or serendipitous alignment with external initiatives.
  • Facilitate the incorporation of modularized LOCKSS technologies into other products.
  • Create documentation explaining the function and operation of LOCKSS web services and components.
  • Promote the application of LOCKSS as a more general-purpose suite of digital preservation technologies.

Support community-centric software development

  • Channel community requirements for representation and prioritization within the LOCKSS software development backlog.
  • Serve as an internal champion for community-oriented software development practices.
  • Encourage and help to onboard external contributors to LOCKSS software development.

Engage with the PLN community

  • Build relationships with current and prospective PLN partners.
  • Foster a more active and collaborative PLN community of practice.
  • Maintain awareness of needs and developments in the PLN community, for cross-pollination and to inform core service development.
  • Help plan PLN community meetings.

Manage delivery of PLN services

  • Provide project management through all phases of PLN service delivery, from conceptual development to setup and ongoing operation.
  • Create documentation to support PLN setup, integration, and management.
  • Serve as point-of-contact for and coordinate provision of services for PLN-related support requests.
  • Help connect PLN partners with relevant LOCKSS and community resources.

Perform PLN business development

  • Help develop PLN service models, including contracts, governance templates, pricing, and service-level agreements.
  • Identify potential partners and use cases for new PLNs.
  • Create marketing materials to support communication and presentation of PLN services and value propositions.
  • Perform market and business analyses to inform PLN service definition.

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