Data Control Unit

The Data Control Unit is responsible for the maintenance of SUL's catalog records, the processing of patron notifies of INPROCESS materials, and the processing of materials that are not acquired through the mainstream commercial channels.

Contact us

Database maintenance requests should be directed to the Data Control group account:

Patron Notify group account:

Name Initials Phone Email
Tang, Vitus (Head) VCT (650) 725-1153
Sammons, Harold (Operations Manager) HHS (650) 725-0269
Do, Vinh Thi VTD (650) 725-0255
Kalashnik, Svetlana SKC (650) 724-6142
Reshetova, Natalia NR (650) 498-1619
Roy, Hattie HBR (650) 724-2653
Zuo-Dittmer, Bing BZ (650) 498-8084

What we do

  • Add copy/volumes to existing records.
  • Add print items to electronic dissertations.
  • Add URLs to existing print records.
  • Bibliographic record corrections.
  • Call number corrections and reclassification.
  • Change/transfer item Location/Library.
  • Create bound-with and analytic records.
  • Create item records for un-barcoded material.
  • eLoader multi-volume problem resolutions.
  • Merge duplicate records.
  • Process gifts, Slavic exchange, and bulk collections.
  • Process Symphony error reports.
  • Route materials from Monograph Receiving Unit to catalogers in the Metadata Development Unit.
  • Update MHLD records.
  • Withdraw/remove records as requested.

Data Control Unit documentation

This unit's documentation has been moved to Metadata Services and the Data Control spaces on Consul (restricted access)