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Using Collections Emergency Response Kits

Collections Emergency Response Kits

Contents of a collections disaster response bin

Collections Emergency Response Kits are provided to all SUL departments.  Each kit contains basic materials for departmental staff to respond immediately to a minor water emergency, such as leaks and resulting water damage.  Plastic sheeting can also be used as a preventive measure to protect collections in areas prone to leaking during wet weather.

The contents of the kit can be used to:

  • Absorb small amounts of water on floors, windowsills, tops of shelving ranges, etc.
  • Cover shelving and other collections areas to protect materials from leaks
  • Dry small numbers of bound volumes
  • Protect hands and clothing when working in wet areas
  • Secure collections areas to prevent patrons and/or staff from entering

The Collections Emergency Response Kits should be used after following the instructions in Responding to a Collections EmergencyIn the event of any collections-related emergency, first contact the SUL Facilities Department at (650)721-5559.  Working in consultation with the Preservation Department, Facilities can provide additional equipment for drying collections areas and materials, such as fans, dehumidifiers, extension cords, and other equipment for clean-up and water removal.

If you need supplies for your response kit, please contact Preservation at (650) 724-2958.