Student resources

Study spaces

There are many solo and group study spaces and conference rooms in the Science and Engineering Quad.  In the Huang Engineering Center, you can check conference room availability by scanning your smart phone over the Quick Response (QR) code posted outside each conference room.  If the room is not booked for a meeting or class, you are free to use the room.


Writing and presentation assistance

The Technical Communication Program (TCP) offers individual consulting, courses, and tutorial support for writing dissertations, grant proposals, oral presentations and courses designed to fulfilled the University's "Writing in the Major" requirement.  The services of TCP are primarily designed for students in engineering, but attract students from a wide range of disciplines, including the sciences, mathematics, medicine, social sciences, and business. TCP welcomes interested students from across the University!  The Technical Communication Program offices are located in the Huang Engineering Center, terrace level.  Students can request appointments on-line or sign up for courses. 

Labs, shops and maker spaces

lab64 Makerspace

EE's maker lab, lab64, provides Stanford students with a community-oriented makerspace to work on projects that focus on electronic systems. lab64 is housed in room 064 of the Packard Building. Access to lab64 is free and no experience is necessary to join.

The primary focus of lab64 is to foster the development of practical skills most easily obtained by exploring, prototyping and testing cool things. The deparment has the tools, equipment and expertise to support your entire project process, from design to physical product. Whether you've never touched a circuit before or are an experienced maker looking for a reason to finally finish that one project, lab64 has resources for you.

For more information on equipment, lab access and training, please visit the lab64 wiki.

Product Realization Lab

The Product Realization Lab maintains several labs for metal, wood, fabric and synthetic design and fabrication. Open to all current Stanford students. Facilities cater to varying levels of expertise. Faculty and staff whose work coincides with the Lab's teaching mission are also eligible to use the facilities of the Lab with approval by the lab's Directors.

Building 610 (447 Santa Teresa)

  • Machine shop
  • Wood shop
  • Foundry and welding shop
  • CAD loft

Room 36 (Huang Engineering Center, 475 Via Ortega)

  • 3D printer
  • Electronics testing equipment
  • Open table space
  • Fabric and wood working tools
  • Decal and sign maker
  • Fabrication materials in stock

For complete information on equipment, tools, operating hours, fees and training requirements, please visit the Product Realization Lab website.

Varian Physics Machine Shop

Facilities for students include:

  • 2-axis CNC mill
  • manual mills
  • manual lathes
  • drill presses
  • sheet metal shear, bender, roller, and numerous punches.

Anyone wishing to use this student shop needs to complete a shop course.  For more details and contact information, please visit the Varian Physics Machine Shop website.