Course reserves

About course reserves

Course reserves are library materials (such as e-books, chapters, articles, etc.) set aside for a specific academic course. Course reserves are set aside by library staff at the request of an instructor.

For students

As a student, you can browse course reserves by course name or instructor.

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Course reserves loan policies

  • You will need your Stanford Campus ID to check out course reserve items from the library.
  • Most course reserve items circulate for two hours. Items may be checked out overnight two hours before the library closes, but they must be returned within the first 30 minutes of opening the following day.
  • Ready and equal access to course reserves is critical, and stiff fines are issued for reserve items kept beyond their loan period.
  • Return course reserve items directly to the front desk staff in order to ensure they are checked in on time.

For instructors

As an instructor, you can request course reserves. Please submit your request six weeks prior to start of the quarter in order to ensure that the material will be ready for your students. Please note:

  • If the library doesn't own a copy of a title you're interested in, you can still include it on your Course Reserve Form and the library will try to order a copy.
  • The default loan period for course reserve items is 2 hours, but other loan periods can be arranged upon request.
  • Only the instructor (per the Registrar's course data information) may create an initial request form. Once created, the instructor may add additional form editors.
  • We strongly encourage you to include homework sets, sample tests, course notes in the Canvas site for your course. This will ensure that your students can access them when the library is closed.
  • If you would like to place personal materials on course reserves, please submit the request and then deliver the materials to the front desk with a note including your contact information and how we may return the items to you at the end of the quarter. Materials can only be kept at the library during the quarter they are on reserve for the course.

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