About Solidworks

Solidworks is a solid modeling computer-aided design and computer-aided engineering computer program that runs on Microsoft Windows. The Terman Engineering Library provides a Solidworks Community Access Licence for current Stanford faculty, staff, and students. Please read the liscence agreement below before downloading Solidworks. If you have questions about Solidworks or problems with installing the software, please contact Michael Nack

Solidworks License Agreement

SOLIDWORKS Community Access licenses available at this website are provided only to:

  • Students and Educators at academic institutions that have been authorized by Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks Corporation (“DS SolidWorks”) to offer SOLIDWORKS Community Access; and
  • Students and Educators who have received Student Access for trial purposes.
  • SOLIDWORKS Community Access also includes makers, hobbyists, military, and sponsored organizations

You acknowledge that this agreement supplements and is governed by the Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks Corporation License Agreement (the “License Agreement”), which you have received with your download of SOLIDWORKS and which permits you to use SOLIDWORKS Community Access only for your own personal and academic purposes.
You also confirm that (i) your academic institution (if applicable) has notified you of your eligibility to receive the appropriate SOLIDWORKS Community Access product (either Student Standard formerly SDK or Student Premium formerly SEK) and has provided you with either SDK-ID or SEK-ID for registration purposes; or (ii) a DS SolidWorks employee or a DS SolidWorks authorized value-added reseller (VAR) has provided you with a 60-Day Trial ID.

Any download and use of a SOLIDWORKS Community Access product by a person who is not eligible for such product shall constitute a violation of the License Agreement and applicable laws.

Please note that the SOLIDWORKS Community Access product obtained from this web site differs from other versions of SOLIDWORKS software in that:

  • The license for such product will expire in accordance with the terms of your download card or your academic institution's particular agreement with DS SolidWorks, and
  • Files created with SOLIDWORKS Community Access contain an 'academic-use only' watermark.