Conference: Words in Characters, Books as Vehicles


Date and Time 
October 13, 2017
2:00pm to 5:00pm
East Asia Library, Room 224
General Public
Event Sponsor 
Stanford University Libraries, East Asia Library

In conjunction with the ongoing exhibition at the East Asia Library, entitled Words in Characters: Books as Vehicles, the library will host a conference featuring talks given by several of the artists whose works are included within the exhibit.  The conference program will be as follows:

  • Introduction of the Exhibit -- Prof. Shaoqian Zhang (Oklahoma State University)
  • Contemporary Chinese Art -- Jeff Kelley (Art Critic and Curator)
  • The Art of Languages and Books (Studio Art Perspective) -- Prof. Xiaoze Xie (Stanford University)
  • The Art of Languages and Books (Graphic Design Perspective) -- Prof. Xiao Yong (The Central Academy of Fina Arts, China)
  • Chinese vs. U.S. Art Education -- Prof. Yu Ji (California State University Long Beach)
  • The History of the Across Divide Forum -- Prof. Xun Chi (Laguna College of Art and Design) 
  • Discussion

This conference will be free and open to the public.