Data Science in Practice [Gear-Up]


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Date and Time 
October 10, 2022
1:00pm to 3:00pm
Event Sponsor 
Lane Medical Library, Stanford University Libraries

The Quantitative Sciences Unit brings you a multi-part workshop!

Workshop Outline:

  • Intro to the QSU
  • Presentation: “Data Visualization: Making great graphs for your next manuscript”
  • Panel of Data Science Experts: “Ask Us Anything”

Here is a brief description of the Presentation:
Kate Miller, PhD MPH, Senior Biostatistician, Quantitative Sciences Unit, BMIR, Dept of Medicine, Stanford University
Have you ever made a graph of your research results and wondered how to improve it? Communicating data effectively with graphs is essential to clinical research, and it is a far deeper skill than just applying the default settings in a data viz program. Every design decision in a graph should be informed by the specifics of your research as well as an understanding of how we humans process information and perceive data. In this highly interactive session, we will revise a graph step by step, applying two basic design principles. The concepts that participants will take away are simple yet powerful, and can be used with any type of quantitative data, any format for presentation (paper, poster, slide deck, interactive), and any graphics program (R, Python, D3, Tableau, Excel, etc.) The goal is for participants to walk out of the session with clear, practical tools for improving their next graph.

This is a virtual workshop. You will receive a Zoom link after registration.