Digital Tools and Methods for the Humanities and Social Sciences: Introduction to Stata


Date and Time 
October 4, 2019
2:00pm to 4:00pm
Building 120, Rm. S40
Event Sponsor 
Stanford University Libraries

This workshop will introduce participants to the statistical software Stata. It will consist of two parts. The first will involve “coding” without a computer and will focus on the logic of subsetting and using functions to manipulate data. The second part will put the first into practice: participants will begin to write reproducible code in Stata and will learn basic commands to calculate summary statistics and create simple plots. Please come to the workshop with Stata accessible on your personal computer. Note: This workshop is part of a research project on how to teach statistical software.
Please come to the workshop with Stata accessible on your computer.

  • If you are purchasing Stata:
    • It can sometimes take 24-hours to get the link to download, so please purchase Stata in advance to ensure you have it ready to go.
    • There are some short-term student options available (one week max and 6-months), if you are not ready to invest in the software long-term. For most users, Stata/IC should be sufficient.
  • If you are connecting to Stata using Farmshare:
    • Know that we are not able to provide support with Farmshare. Online documentation for getting started is available here.
    • SSDS walk-in consulting can help you with this. Walk-in consulting is available M-Th from 2-5pm in the Velma Denning Room of Green Library starting during week 2.

Registration is free and open - register here.