Hands-on Intro to Data Cleaning with OpenRefine


Date and Time 
October 31, 2018
9:00am to 12:00pm
Branner Earth Sciences Library Teaching Corner, Mitchell Earth Sciences Building 2nd floor
Event Sponsor 
Data Management Services, Stanford Libraries, Stanford University Libraries

Life is messy. So is your data — especially if multiple people have contributed to the content. Inconsistent data leads to inaccurate analyses, and software programs are often particular about the precise format of your data.
If you need a quick way to assess and clean your data without having to write customized scripts to perform all those tasks, look no further!
Join us for a hands-on workshop on OpenRefine to learn about many of this tool's great features, including sorting, faceting, cell transformations, handling multi-valued cells, clustering, and splitting data into multiple cells.
Instructor: Dr. Amy Hodge, Stanford Libraries
If you'd like to work on your own project, there will be time to do this during the last hour of the workshop with assistance from the instructor, so feel free to bring your own dataset.
You should bring a laptop to the workshop. Please install OpenRefine and download the dataset for the workshop before you come.