An Introduction to the Stanford Geospatial Center & ArcGIS Online [Gear-Up]


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Date and Time 
October 11, 2022
1:00pm to 3:00pm
Event Sponsor 
Stanford Geospatial Center, Lane Medical Library, Stanford University Libraries

The Stanford Geospatial Center will present an orientation to their resources, as well as an hands-on Introduction to ArcGIS Online, for Beginners. The first part of this event will orient users to the resources and services of the SGC, including software provisioning and support as well as access to data sources like Planetscope Monitoring, a daily, global, 3 meter resolution, multispectral image. The second part of the event is designed to introduce new spatial data users to ArcGIS Online, part of an ecosystem of software and data that Stanford Libraries' provide to researchers for creating, managing analyzing and presenting their spatial data. No previous experience with spatial data is necessary.

Instructor: Stace Maples

This is a virtual workshop. You will receive a Zoom link after registration.