Mailis Reps, Minister of Education and Research of the Republic of Estonia


Date and Time 
January 10, 2019
12:00pm to 1:00pm
Bender room, Green Library
General Public
Event Sponsor 
Stanford University Libraries

Join us for an engaging conversation with Mailis Reps, Minister of Education and Research of the Republic of Estonia, who will discuss:

The Future of Education and Skills

"We should not see education solely as an instrument that helps us to adapt/react to the changes or compensate for negative developments outside of the education system. We should have a strong vision for education as a driver of positive social change.” – Mailis Reps

The world is in a state of flux. We all work hard to respond to the constantly emerging challenges globally, in Europe, in societies and communities. Education and skills have become the new currency. What are the opportunities to get ahead? What policies and actions can help equip people with the skills of tomorrow?

Estonia is one of the frontrunners in education. The Baltic country of a 1.3 million people believes in education and innovation. What is behind e-Estonia in formal and non-formal education? How has the digital revolution transformed education and skills?

Mailis Reps is the Minister of Education and Research of the Republic of Estonia since November 2016, she has held the same position also in 2002–2003 and 2005–2007. Mailis Reps has been a long-time member of Riigikogu, the Estonian Parliament and she has been elected to Tallinn City Council several times. From 2000 to 2009, Mailis Reps lectured on European and International Law and on International and Comparative Law at Riga Graduate School of Law. She has graduated from Central European University in Budapest (Master’s degree in Law) and from Maastricht University (Master’s degree in European Public Relations). Mailis Reps is currently obtaining a PhD in European Law from Uppsala University, Sweden.