An Open-Air Celebration of Baltic Culture


Date and Time 
June 2, 2018
6:00pm to 8:00pm
Meyer Green Lawn, Stanford University

Free for SU affiliates, open to the public. To register for this or other events of the 2018 AABS Conference program, please visit this website. 

General Public
Event Sponsor 
Stanford University Libraries

Join us for a special event of the 2018 AABS Conference at Stanford University: The 100th Anniversary of Baltic Independence:
An Open-Air Celebration of Baltic Culture
This open-air evening program will feature musical and dance performances by several Baltic and American groups.
The Seattle-based Mägi Ensemble, a women’s chamber choir that performs and records compositions from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, will perform a program of both intricate Baltic choral compositions along with traditional folk songs and modern arrangements. Compositions by Ester Mägi, Vytautas Miškinis, Peteris Vasks, Laura Jēkabsone and others will be highlighted.
Tiltas, a San-Francisco-based folk dance group, will perform two Lithuanian folk dances: "Ak, norėtum grįžti" (Oh, would like to come back) and "Saulės vartai" (The gates of the Sun). The children's folk dance group of San Francisco Bay Area Lithuanian Saturday School Genys, led by Vanesa Kaselionis, will perform a folk dance "Viru Viru Košę" (Let's Make Some Porridge).
The Tallinn-based youth violin ensemble “Võlukeeled” (The Magic Strings) will perform classical, folk, and pop pieces. The ensemble consists of the best young violin players of Estonia and has previously performed in Estonia as well as in Switzerland, Canada, UK, Australia, Netherlands, and USA.