Wild World: a confluence of art, geography, and nature with Anton Thomas


Date and Time 
June 25, 2021
3:00pm to 4:30pm
Online via Zoom
General Public
Event Sponsor 
Stanford University Libraries, David Rumsey Map Center

After spending five years drawing a vast map of North America, artist/cartographer Anton Thomas began to work on a new project entitled Wild World. This is a physical world map like you have never seen before: rather than the endless skylines and cultural features of his previous work, this map focuses on nature. Hundreds of wild animals wander the Earth, its physical geography painstakingly hand-illustrated. From mountains to deserts to rainforests, our planet is drawn in vivid detail. Carefully chosen labels outline Earth’s geography, presenting it as an effective world map for learning and as an artwork.The map is about halfway done and this is a chance to journey with Anton to explore its details. He will discuss animals and geography, the origins of the project, drawing techniques, and many other challenges—from choosing a projection to deciding on animals. Join us at the Rumsey Center for a confluence of art, geography, and nature: Wild World.
Register for the talk using this form.The talk will take place Friday, June 25, 2021 on Zoom and follows the schedule below:2:45pm PDT: Zoom opens3:00pm PDT: Talk by Anton Thomas, followed by Q&A.If you need any disability-related accommodation, please contact the David Rumsey Map Center by email: rumseymapcenter@stanford.edu. Requests should be made by June 18.This talk is hosted by the David Rumsey Map Center.