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A birder's guide to Belize. Bert Frenz. ABA birdfinding guide. 2013. [QL676.57 .B42 F74 2013]

A catalogue of British plants arranged according to the natural system : with the synonyms of De Candolle, Smith, and Lindley. John Stevens Henslow. Cambridge library collection. 2013. [QK306 .H52 2013]

A feathered river across the sky : the passenger pigeon's flight to extinction. Joel Greenberg. 2014. [QL696 .C6 G74 2014]

A field guide to the snakes of Costa Rica. Gregory J. McConnell. Illustrated by Brian Craig and Claudia Hahn. 2014. [QL666 .O6 M3984 2014]

Adenovirus : methods and protocols, 3rd ed. Edited by Miguel Chillón and Assumpció Bosch. Methods in molecular biology, 1089. 2014. [QH506 .M45 V.1089] Also Digital

Agricultural insect pests and their control. D.V. Bhagat. 2013. [SB601 .B43 2013]

Agroecosystems : soils, climate, crops, nutrient dynamics, and productivity. K.R. Krishna. 2014. [S589.7 .K75 2013] Also Digital

Alfred Russel Wallace : explorer, evolutionist, public intellectual: a thinker for our own times? Ted Benton. 2013. [QH31 .W2 B4 2013]

Alpine plants of British Columbia, Alberta & northwest North America. Jim Pojar, et al. 2013. [QK133 .P64 2013]

Animal cell biotechnology : methods and protocols, 3rd ed. Edited by Ralf Pörtner. Methods in molecular biology, 1104. 2014. [QH506 .M45 V.1104] Also Digital

Apes and human evolution. Russell H. Tuttle. 2014. [QL737 .P9 T86 2014]

Biochemistry : a short course. Harry Roy Matthews, Richard A. Freedland, Roger L. Miesfeld. 1997. [QP514.2 .M387 1997]

Biocommunication of animals.Edited by Günther Witzany. 2014. [QL776 .B55 2014] Also Digital

Bioinformatics : concepts, methodologies, tools, and applications, vol. 1. Edited by Information Resources Management Association. Essential reference. 2013. [QH324.2 .B54734 2013 F V.1]

Bioinformatics : concepts, methodologies, tools, and applications, vol. 2. Edited by Information Resources Management Association. Essential reference. 2013. [QH324.2 .B54734 2013 F V.2]

Bioinformatics : concepts, methodologies, tools, and applications, vol. 3. Edited by Information Resources Management Association. Essential reference. 2013. [QH324.2 .B54734 2013 F V.3]

Bioinorganic chemistry : inorganic elements in the chemistry of life : an introduction and guide, 2nd ed. Wolfgang Kaim, Brigitte Schwederski, and Axel Klein. Inorganic chemistry : a Wiley series of advanced textbooks. 2013. [QP531 .K3513 2013]

Biological diversity : origin, evolution and conservation. Edited by Arun Kumar Sharma, Debal Ray, and S. N. Ghosh. 2012. [QH77 .I4 B56 2012]

Biological knowledge discovery handbook : preprocessing, mining, and postprocessing of biological data. Edited by Mourad Elloumi and Albert Y. Zomaya. Wiley series in bioinformatics : computational techniques and engineering. 2014. [QH324.2 .B55915 2014]. Also Digital

Biology of humans : concepts, applications, and issues, 5th ed. Judith Goodenough and Betty McGuire. 2014. [QP34.5 .G658 2014]

Bioluminescent imaging : methods and protocols. Edited by Christian E. Badr. Methods in molecular biology, 1098. 2014. [QH506 .M45 V.1098] Also Digital

Burning issues : sustainability and management of Australia's southern forests. Mark A. Adams and P. M. Attiwill. 2011. [SD420.73 .A8 A336 2011]

Cell engineering. Volume 8: Stem cells and cell therapy. Edited by Mohamed Al-Rubeai. 2014. [TP248.27 .A53 C46 1999 V.8] Also Digital

Cereal genomics : methods and protocols. Edited by Robert J. Henry and Agnelo Furtado. Methods in molecular biology, 1099. 2014. [QH506 .M45 V.1099] Also Digital

Chitin and chitosan derivatives : advances in drug discovery and developments. Edited by Se-Kwon Kim. 2014. [QP702 .C5 C473 2014].Also Digital

Climate change guidelines for forest managers. FAO forestry paper, 172. 2013. [SD373 .C615 2013] Also Digital

Concepts and values in biodiversity. Edited by Dirk Lanzerath and Minou Friele. 2014. [QH541.15 .B56 C633 2014]

Conservation agriculture : global prospects and challenges. Ram A. Jat, Kanwar L. Sahrawat and Amir H. Kassam. 2014. [S604.5 .J38 2014]

Crown jewels : five great national parks around the world and the challenges they face. Edited by Randolph Delehanty. 2013. [SB481 .C76 2013]

Diatoms of Europe : diatoms of the European inland waters and comparable habitats. Volume 7: Luticola and Luticolopsis. Zlatko Levkov, Ditmar Metzeltin and Aleksandar Pavlov. 2013. [QK569 .D54 D57 V.7]

Dynamic systems biology modeling and simulation. Joseph J. DiStefano. 2013. [QH324.2 .D57 2013]

Ecological gradient analyses in a tropical landscape. Edited by Grizelle González de Jesús, Michael R. Willig, and Robert Bruce Waide. Ecological bulletins, 54. 2013. [QH109 .P6 E26 2013]

Ecosystem services : global issues, local practices. Edited by Sander Jacobs, Nicolas Dendoncker, and Hans Kuene. 2014. [QH541.15 .E267 E275 2014] Also Digital

Edible medicinal and non-medicinal plants : fruits. Volume 7: Flowers. Tong Kwee Lim. 2014. [QK98.5 .A1 L55 2012 V.7] Also Digital

Electron microscopy : methods and protocols. Edited by John Kuo. Methods in molecular biology, 1117. 2014. [QH506 .M45 V.1117] Also Digital

EnvStats : an R package for environmental statistics. Steven P. Millard. 2013. [GE45 .S73 M56 2013]

Error and uncertainty in scientific practice. Edited by Marcel Boumans, Giora Hon, and Arthur C. Petersen. History and philosophy of technoscience, 1. 2014. [Q172.5 .E77 E77 2014]

Essential cell biology, 4th ed. Bruce Alberts, et al. 2014. [QH581.2 .E78 2014]

Evolutionary biomechanics : selection, phylogeny, and constraint. Graham K. Taylor and Adrian L. R. Thomas. Oxford series in ecology and evolution. 2014. [QH513 .T39 2014]

Finding birds in the Canaries : exactly where to go to see the best birds. Dave Gosney. 2013. [QL692 .C36 G68 2013]

Flora of the four corners region : vascular plants of the San Juan River drainage, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah. Kenneth D. Heil, et al. Monographs in systematic botany from the Missouri Botanical Garden, 124. 2013. [QK142 .F56 2013]

Flora Zambesiaca: Mozambique, Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland, Bechuanaland Protectorate. Volume 8 Part 5. Edited by A. W. Exell and H. Wild. 2013. [QK500 .F55 V.8:PT.5]

Flore nordique du Québec et du Labrador. Volume 1. Norman Dignard, et al. Edited by Serge Payette. 2013. [QK203 .Q4 F566 2013 V.1]

Flowers of the field, vol. 1. Charles Alexander Johns. Cambridge library collection. Botany and horticulture. 2014. [QK306 .J64 2014 V.1]

Flowers of the field, vol. 2. Charles Alexander Johns. Cambridge library collection. Botany and horticulture. 2014. [QK306 .J64 2014 V.2]

Foundations of applied statistical methods. Hang Lee. 2014. [Q180.55 .S7 L44 2014] Also Digital

Gene function analysis, 2nd ed. Edited by Michael F. Ochs. Methods in molecular biology, 1101. 2014. [QH506 .M45 V.1101] Also Digital

Genetics, genomics and breeding of forage crops. Edited by Hongwei Cai, Toshihiko Yamada, and Chittaranjan Kole.Genetics, genomics and breeding of crop plants. 2014. [SB193.5 .G46 2014]

Genome stability : DNA repair and recombination. James E. Haber. 2014. [QH467 .H33 2014]

Giraffe : biology, behaviour, and conservation. Anne Innis Dagg. 2014. [QL737 .U56 D27 2014] Also Digital

Global population : history, geopolitics, and life on earth. Alison Bashford. 2014. [HB849.44 .B37 2014]

Good science : the ethical choreography of stem cell research. Charis Thompson. Inside technology. 2013. [QH588 .S83 T48 2013]

Hamlyn guide : birds of Britain and Europe. Bertel Bruun, Håkan Delin, and Lars Svensson. Illustrated by Arthur Singer and Dan Zetterström. 2013. [QL690 .A1 B78 2013]

Handbook of laboratory animal science, 3rd ed. Volume 3: Animal models. Edited by Jann Hau and Steven Jay Schapiro. 2014. [QL55 .H36 2011 V.3] Also Digital

Honoring Beekman and Rumphius : proceedings of the 2011 David Fairchild Medal for Plant Exploration Symposium. Edited by M. Patrick Griffith and David H. Lorence. Allertonia, 13. 2014. [QK1 .A3648 V.13]

How the snake lost its legs : curious tales from the frontier of evo-devo. Lewis I. Held. 2014. [QH366.2 .H435 2014]

How to change the world : a practical guide to successful environmental training programs. Clare Feeney. 2013. [GE300 .F43 2013]

Hunting in northern Europe until 1500 AD : old traditions and regional developments, continental sources and continental influences : papers presented at a workshop organized by the Centre for Baltic and Scandinavian Archaeology (ZBSA), Schleswig, June 16th and 17th, 2011. Edited by Oliver Grimm und Ulrich Schmölcke. Schriften des Archäologischen Landesmuseums. Ergänzungsreihe, 7. 2013. [SK183 .H958 2013 F]

Illustrated field guide to the flowers of Sri Lanka : descriptions of approximately 1000 plant species, illustrated with more than 2000 colour photographs. J. de Vlas and J. de Vlas-de Jong. 2008. [SB407.3 .S72 V563 2008]

In the presence of buffalo : working to stop the Yellowstone slaughter. Daniel Brister. 2013. [QL737 .U53 B746 2013]

Insect management practices in agriculture. M.A. Alam. 2013. [QL494 .A43 2013]

Interrelations between essential metal ions and human diseases. Edited by Astrid Sigel, Helmut Sigel, and Roland K. O. Sigel. Metal ions in life sciences, 13. 2013. [RB152 .I58 2014] Also Digital

Knowledge, parks and cultures : transcultural exchange of knowledge in protected areas : case studies from Austria and Nepal. Michael Huber, et al. Proceedings in the management of protected areas, 5. 2013. [S934 .A9 K56 2013] Also Digital

Life in the cold : an introduction to winter ecology, 4th ed. Peter J. Marchand. 2013. [QH543.2 .M37 2013]

Malaria parasites : comparative genomics, evolution and molecular biology. Edited by Jane M. Carlton, Susan L. Perkins, and Kirk W. Deitsch. 2013.  [QR201 .M3 M3378 2013]

Me, myself, and why : searching for the science of self. Jennifer Ouellette. 2014. [BF697 .Q778 2014]

Médecine traditionnelle à Madagascar : les mots-plantes. Gabriel Lefèvre. 2013. [GN661 .M2 L44 2013]

Membrane biogenesis : methods and protocols. Edited by Doron Rapaport and Johannes M. Herrmann. Methods in molecular biology, 1033. 2013. [QH506 .M45 V.1033] Also Digital

Metastasis research protocols, 2nd ed. Edited by Miriam V. Dwek, Udo Schumacher, and Susan A. Brooks. Methods in molecular biology, 1070. 2014. [QH506 .M45 V.1070] Also Digital

Microscopic preparation techniques for plant stem analysis. Holger Gärtner and Fritz Hans Schweingruber. 2013. [QK647 .G37 2013]

Mindwise : how we understand what others think, believe, feel, and want, 1st ed. Nicholas Epley. 2014. [BF575 .E55 E65 2014]

miRNA maturation : methods and protocols. Edited by Christoph Arenz. Methods in molecular biology, 1095. 2014 [QH506 .M45 V.1095] Also Digital

miRNomics : microRNA biology and computational analysis. Edited by Malik Yousef and Jens Allmer. Methods in molecular biology, 1107. 2014. [QH506 .M45 V.1107] Also Digital

Modeling of land-use and ecological dynamics. Edited by Dan Malkinson, Danny Czamanski, and Itzhak Benenson. 2013. [HN49 .C6 M64 2013] Also Digital

Molecular diagnostics for melanoma : methods and protocols. Edited by Magdalena Thurin and Francesco M. Marincola. Methods in molecular biology, 1102. 2014. [QH506 .M45 V.1102] Also Digital

Morcegos do Brasil : guia de campo. Edited by Nelio Roberto Reis, et al. Serie manuais & guias TB. 2013. [QL737 .C5 M672 2013]

Mouse molecular embryology : methods and protocols. Edited by Mark Lewandoski. Methods in molecular biology, 1092. 2014. [QH506 .M45 V.1092] Also Digital

Multiple sequence alignment methods. Edited by David James Russell. Methods in molecular biology, 1079. 2014. [QH506 .M45 V.1079] Also Digital

Nanise' : a Navajo herbal : one hundred plants from the Navajo Reservation. Vernon O. Mayes and Barbara Bayless Lacy. Illustrated by Jack Ahasteen and Jason Chee. 2012. [E99 .N3 M513 2012]

Native fishes of Idaho. Richard L. Wallace and Donald W. Zaroban. 2013. [QL628 .I2 W35 2013]

Nature next door : cities and trees in the American Northeast. Ellen Stroud. Weyerhaeuser environmental books. 2013. [SB435.52 .N58 S77 2013]

Next-generation sequencing : current technologies and applications. Edited by Jianping Xu. 2014. [QH324.2 .N5 2014]

North American cornucopia : top 100 indigenous food plants. Ernest Small. 2014. [QK98.5 .N57 S67 2014]

Oman bird list : the official list of the birds of the Sultanate of Oman, 7th ed. Jens Eriksen, Reginald Victor. 2013. [QL691 .O5 E75 2013]

Over-exploitation of forests : a case study from North East India. Anup Saikia. 2014. [SD223 .S36 2014] Also Digital

Oxidative damage to plants : antioxidant networks and signaling. Edited by Parvaiz Ahmad. 2014. [SB747 .O89 O95 2014] Also Digital

Peptide modifications to increase metabolic stability and activity. Edited by Pedrag ?udi?. Methods in molecular biology, 1081. 2013. [QH506 .M45 V.1081] Also Digital

Peptide nucleic acids : methods and protocols, 2nd ed. Edited by Peter E. Nielsen and Daniel H. Appella. Methods in molecular biology, 1050. 2014. [QH506 .M45 V.1050] Also Digital

Pheromone signaling : methods and protocols. Edited by Kazushige Touhara. Methods in molecular biology, 1068. 2013. [QH506 .M45 V.1068] Also Digital

Plant adaptation to environmental change : significance of amino acids and their derivatives. Edited by Naser A. Anjum, Sarvajeet S. Gill, and Ritu Gill. 2014. [QK754 .P55 2014]

Plant cell morphogenesis : methods and protocols. Edited by Viktor Žárský and Fatima Cvr?ková. Methods in molecular biology, 1080. 2014. [QH506 .M45 V.1080] Also Digital

Plant chemical genomics : methods and protocols. Edited by Glenn R. Hicks and Stéphanie Robert. Methods in molecular biology, 1056. 2014. [QH506 .M45 V.1056] Also Digital

Plant metabolic flux analysis : methods and protocols. Edited by Martine Dieuaide-Noubhani and Ana Paula Alonso. Methods in molecular biology, 1090. 2014. [QH506 .M45 V.1090] Also Digital

Plant metabolism : methods and protocols. Edited by Ganesh Sriram. Methods in molecular biology, 1083. 2014. [QH506 .M45 V.1083] Also Digital

Plant physiology, 5th ed. Lincoln Taiz and Eduardo Zeiger. 2010 [QK711.2 .T35 2010]

Plant proteomics : methods and protocols, 2nd ed. Edited by Jesus V. Jorrin-Novo, et al. Methods in molecular biology, 1072. 2014. [QH506 .M45 V.1072] Also Digital

Plant virology, 5th ed. Roger Hull. 2014. [QR351 .H853 2014] Also Digital

Pollution and fish health in tropical ecosystems. Edited by  Eduardo Alves de Almeida and  Ciro Alberto de Oliveira Ribeiro. 2014. [QH541.5 .W3 P65 2014]

Principles of proteomics, 2nd ed. Richard M. Twyman. 2014. [QP551 .T94 2014]

Protein dynamics : methods and protocols. Edited by Dennis R. Livesay. Methods in molecular biology, 1084. 2014. [QH506 .M45 V.1084] Also Digital

Rare birds of North America. Steve N.G. Howell, Ian Lewington, and Will Russell. 2014. [QL676.7 .H68 2014]

Regional field guide to birds : Central East Coast and Ranges, Pocket ed. Graham Pizzey. Illustrated by Frank Knight. Regional field guide to birds. 2013. [QL693.3 .C44 P59 2013]

Regional field guide to birds : Mallee to Limestone Coast, Pocket ed. Graham Pizzey. Illustrated by Frank Knight. Regional field guide to birds. 2013. [QL693.3 .M35 P59 2013]

Regional field guide to birds : Red Centre to the Top End, Pocket ed. Graham Pizzey. Illustrated by Frank Knight. Regional field guide to birds. 2013. [QL693.3 .R43 P59 2013]

Regional field guide to birds : South-east Coast and Ranges, Pocket ed. Graham Pizzey. Illustrated by Frank Knight. Regional field guide to birds. 2013. [QL693.3 .S683 P59 2013]

Seaweeds of the British Isles : a collaborative project of the British Phycological Society and the Natural History Museum. Volume 1 Part 3A: Ceramiales. Peter S. Dixon. 2011. [QK573 .D59 2011 V.1:PT.3A]

Seeds of resistance, seeds of hope : place and agency in the conservation of biodiversity. Edited by Virginia D. Nazarea, Robert E. Rhoades, and Jenna E. Andrews-Swann. 2013. [S494.5 .A43 S39 2013]

Sirtuins : methods and protocols. Edited by Matthew D. Hirschey. Methods in molecular biology, 1077. 2014. [QH506 .M45 V.1077] Also Digital

Staphylococcus epidermidis : methods and protocols. Edited by Paul D. Fey. Methods in molecular biology, 1106. 2014. [QH506 .M45 V.1106] Also Digital

Statistical models and methods for reliability and survival analysis. Edited by Vincent Couallier, et al. Mathematics and statistics series. 2014. [QA276 .S78327 2014] Also Digital

Survival of the nicest : how altruism made us human and why it pays to get along. Stefan Klein. 2014. [BF637 .H4 K57 2014]

Temporal dynamics and ecological process. Edited by Colleen K. Kelly, Michael G. Bowler, and Gordon A. Fox. 2013. [QH352 .T38 2013] Also Digital

Ten thousand birds : ornithology since Darwin. T. R. Birkhead, Jo Wimpenny, and Robert D. Montgomerie. 2014. [QL672.7 .B565 2014]

The amphibians and reptiles of Oman and the UAE. Andrew S. Gardner. 2013. [QL661 .O5 G37 2013]

The camel spider or wind scorpion : the complete guide to camel spiders : all you need to know about camel spiders : facts including size, speed, and bite. Hathai Ross. 2013. [QL458.8 .R67 2013]

The cichlid diversity of Lake Malawi/Nyasa/Niassa : identification, distribution, and taxonomy. Edited by Jos Snoeks. 2004. [QL638 .C55 C49 2004]

The complement system : methods and protocols. Edited by Mihaela Gadjeva. Methods in molecular biology, 1100. 2014. [QH506 .M45 V.1100] Also Digital

The domestic cat : the biology of its behaviour, 3rd ed. Edited by Dennis C. Turner and Patrick Bateson. Illustrated by Michael Edwards. 2014. [SF446.5 .D65 2014]

The dynastine scarab beetles of Mexico, Guatemala, and Belize (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Dynastinae). Brett C. Ratcliffe, Ronald D. Cave, and Enio B. Cano. Bulletin of the University of Nebraska State Museum, 27. 2013. [QL596 .S3 R38 2013]

The ecological genomics of fungi. Edited by Francis Martin. 2014. [QK602 .E26 2014] Also Digital

The genus Araucaria : an illustrated overview of its species. Hubertus Nimsch. 2011. [QK494.5 .A7 N56 2011]

The genus tulipa : tulips of the world. Diana Everett. A Botanical magazine monograph. 2013. [QK495 .L72 E94 2013]

The liverworts of Greenland. Kell Damsholt. 2013. [QK563.5 .G83 D35 2013]

The myc gene : methods and protocols. Edited by Laura Soucek and Nicole M. Sodir. Methods in molecular biology, 1012. 2013. [QH506 .M45 V.1012] Also Digital

The snakes of the Moluccas (Maluku), Indonesia : a field guide to the land and non-marine aquatic snakes of the Moluccas with identification key. Ruud de Lang. 2013. [QL666 .O6 L366 2013]

Therapeutic peptides : methods and protocols. Edited by Andrew E. Nixon. Methods in molecular biology, 1088. 2014. [QH506 .M45 V.1088] Also Digital

Trees, forested landscapes, and grazing animals : a European perspective on woodlands and grazed treescapes. Edited by Ian D. Rotherham. 2013. [SD427 .G8 T74 2013]

Understanding bee anatomy : a full colour guide. Ian Stell. 2012. [QL568 .A6 S785 2012]

Unlocking the brain. Volume 1: Coding. Georg Northoff. 2014. [QP376 .N67 2014 V.1]

Urban ecosystems : understanding the human environment. Robert A. Francis and Michael A. Chadwick. 2013. [HT241 .F73 2013]

Uso de plantas medicinales en los Andes norte del Perú : conocimientos en etnobotánica de la población de Uchucmarca, Púsac y San Vicente de Paúl. Edited by Rainer Bussmann, et al. 2013. [QK99 .P4 U86 2013]

Values, payments and institutions for ecosystem management : a developing country perspective. Edited by Pushpam Kumar, Ibrahim Thiaw, and Tom Barker. 2013. [QH77 .D44 V35 2013]

Vascular flora of Illinois : a field guide, 4th ed. Robert H. Mohlenbrock. 2014. [QK157 .M646 2014]

Virus hybrids as nanomaterials : methods and protocols. Edited by Baochuan Lin and Banahalli Ratna. Methods in molecular biology, 1108. 2014. [QH506 .M45 V.1108] Also Digital

We are our brains : a neurobiography of the brain, from the womb to Alzheimer's. D. F. Swaab. Translated by Jane Hedley-Prôle. 2014. [QP376 .S858 2014]

When nature moves in : a guide to managing wildlife in and around buildings, 2nd ed. David L Bullock and Jacky Ferneyhough. 2013. [QH541.5 .C6 B83 2013 F]

Why do we go to the zoo? : communication, animals, and the cultural-historical experience of zoos. Erik A. Garrett. 2014. [QL76 .G37 2014]

Wildflowers and other plant life of the Kodiak Archipelago : a field guide for the flora of Kodiak and southcentral Alaska. Stacy Studebaker. 2010. [QK146 .S78 2010]


Concise encyclopaedia of bioinformatics and computational biology, 2nd ed. Edited by John M. Hancock and Marketa J. Zvelebil. 2014. [QH324.2 .D53 2014]


Fish meat : choose your farm wisely. Directed by Joe Cunningham. Written and Narrated by Ted Caplow. 2012. [TX385 .F52 2012]

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