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New acquisitions received in February 2014

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An atlas of the world's conifers : an analysis of their distribution, biogeography, diversity and conservation status. Farjon, Aljos. 2013. [QK494 .F354 2013 F]

Animal behavior: a beginner's guide. Byers, John A. Oneworld beginners' guides. 2013. [QL751 .B93 2013]

Animal behavior: concepts, methods, and applications. Nordell, Shawn E. 2014. [QL751 .N74 2014]

Astrobiology: a very short introduction. Catling, David C. Very short introductions, 370. 2013. [QH326 .C38 2013]

Bamboo. Lucas, Susanne. Reaktion's botanical series. 2013. [SB317 .B2 L83 2013]

Best management practices for preventing and controlling invasive alien species : symposium proceedings : Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens, Cape Town, South Africa, 22-24 February 2000. Edited by Preston, Guy, Brown, Gordon, and Van Wyk, Ernita. 2000. [QH353 .B477 2000 F]

Biofluid dynamics of human body systems. Goyal, Megh Raj. 2014. Advances in bioengineering research and applications book series, 1. 2014. [QP90.5 .G69 2014]

Biogeography of Australasia: a molecular analysis. Heads, Michael. 2014. [QH196.8 .H43 2014] Also Digital

Biological Science, 4th ed., v. 3. Freeman, Scott. 2011. [QH308.2 .F73 2011]

Biological Science, 5th ed. Freeman, Scott. 2014. [QH308.2 .F73 2014] 

The biology of chameleons. Edited by Tolley, Krystal and Herrel, Anthony. 2014. [QL666 .L23 B56 2014]

Biomimetic biomaterials: structure and applications. Edited by Ruys, Andrew J. Woodhead Publishing series in biomaterials, 57. [R857 .M3 B583 2013]

Bioscience and the good life. Brassington, Iain. 2013. [QH333 .B73 2013]

The case for grassroots collaboration: social capital and ecosystem. Morris, John Charles. 2013. [QH104.5 .C45 M67 2013]

Catch up compendium: for the life and medical sciences, 3rd ed. Bradley, Philip, Fry, Mitchell, and Harris, Michael. 2013. [QH315 .C287 2013]

The Crossley ID guide. Britain & Ireland. Crossley, Richard. 2014. [QL690 .G7 C76 2014]

Developing scaffolds in evolution, culture, and cognition. Edited by Caporael, Linnda R., Griesemer, James R., and Wimsatt, William C. Vienna series in theoretical biology. 2014. [QH360.5 .D49 2014]

Ecology and conservation of the maned wolf : multidisciplinary perspectives. Edited by Consorte-McCrea, Adriana G. and Santos, Eliana Ferraz. 2014. [QL737 .C22 E285 2014]

Endothelial cytoskeleton. Edited by Rosado, Juan Antonio, and Redondo, Pedro C. 2014. [QH603 .C96 E53 2014] Also Digital

Evolution's rainbow: diversity, gender, and sexuality in nature and people, Tenth Anniversary Edition. Roughgarden, Joan. 2013. [QH541.15 .B56 R68 2013]

Exotic aliens: the lion & the cheetah in India. Thapar, Valmik. 2013. [QL737 .C23 T4695 2013]

Fauna Palaestina: eine zoologische Reise in Palästina, Arabien und Europa zwischen 1983 - 2006 = a zoological journey in Palestine, Arabia and Europe between 1983-2006, Vol. 3: Zoologische Studien in Palästina zwischen 2005-2012. Khalaf, Norman Ali Bassam. 2009. [QL333 .K43 2009]

Females are mosaics: X inactivation and sex differences in disease, 2nd ed. Migeon, Barbara R. 2014. [QH600.5 .M54 2014]

Flora neotropica. [QK205 .F58 NO.111-113]

Food webs and biodiversity: foundations, models, data. Rossberg, Axel G. [QH541.15 .B56 R67 2013] Also Digital

The gap: the science of what separates us from other animals. Suddendorf, Thomas. 2013. [BF671 .S86 2013]

Going, going, gone: 100 animals and plants on the verge of extinction. 2013. [QH78 .G65 2013]

Grass, sky, song: promise and peril in the world of grassland birds. Herriot, Trevor. 2009. [QL681 .H46 2009]

Handbook of agricultural entomology. Van Emden, Helmut Fritz. 2013. [SB931 .V25 2013] Also Digital

Handbook of spacial point pattern analysis and ecology. Wiegand, Thorsten. 2014. [QH541.15 .M34 W54 2014] Also Digital

High-resolution electron microscopy, 4th ed. Spence, John C. H. 2013. [QH212 .T7 S68 2013] Also Digital

Human cognitive neuropsychology. Ellis, Andrew W. 2014. [QP360 .E45 2014]

How the dog became the dog: from wolves to our best friends. Derr, Mark. 2012. [SF422.5 .D465 2012]

Human agency and neural causes: philosophy of action and the neuroscience of voluntary agency. Runyan, J. D. 2014. [QP360.5 .R86 2014]

Human heredity: principles and issues, 10th ed. Cummings, Michael. 2014. [QH431 .C897 2014]

Immunology: an illustrated outline, 5th ed. Male, David. 2014. [QR182.55 .M35 2014]

La nature en Corse: forêts, mer, maquis, lacs, villes, pozzines, montagne, faune, plantations, climat, villages, littoral, cols, zones humides, torrents, rivières, sources, piémonts, falaises, flore, suberaie, étangs, salines, îles. Faggio, Gilles. 2013. [QH147 .F34 2013]

Lost animals : extinction and the photographic record.  Fuller, Errol. 2013. [QL88 .F85 2013]

The male brain. Brizendine, Louann. 2010. [QP356.4 .B75 2010]

Mathematics and life sciences. Edited by Antoniouk, Alexandra V. and Melnik, Roderick. De Gruyter series in mathematics and life sciences, 1. 2013. [QH323.5 .M3765 2013]

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The mechanism of accommodation and presbyopia. Schachar, Ronald A. 2012. [RE938.5 .S333 2012] Also Digital

Mutualistic networks. Bascompte, Jordi. Monographs in population biology, 53. 2014. [QH548.3 .B37 2014]

Must-see birds of the Pacific Northwest. Swanson, Sarah. 2013. [QL683 .P16 S93 2013]

Mythical zoo: animals in myth, legend, and literature. Sax, Boria. 2013. [QL85 .S27 2013]

The normalized difference vegetation index. Pettorelli, Nathalie. 2013. [QK910 .P49 2013]

Our once and future planet: restoring the world in the climate change century. Woodworth, Paddy. 2013. [QH541.15 .R45 W664 2013]

Overleaf. Ogilvy, Richard. 2013. [QK649 .O35 2013]

Peatland ecology and forestry: a sound approach. Päivänen, J. University of Helsinki. Department of Forest Sciences. Publications, 3. 2012. [SD410.7 .P34 2012]

Photosynthesis in bryophytes and early land plants. Edited by Hanson, David T. and Rice, Steven K. Advances in photosynthesis and respiration, 37. 2014. [QK533 .P46 2014] Also Digital

Practical botany for gardeners: over 3,000 botanical terms explained and explored. Hodge, Geoff. 2013. [QK50 .H63 2013]

The Princeton guide to evolution. Edited by Losos, Jonathan B. 2014. [QH367 .P85 2014]

Pure and modern milk: an environmental history since 1900.Smith-Howard, Kendra. 2014. [QP144 .M54 S65 2014]

The pursuit of complexity: the utility of biodiversity from an evolutionary perspective. Jagers, Gerard. 2012.  [QH541.15 .B56 J3413 2012]

The reed warblers: diversity in a uniform bird family. Leisler, Bernd. 2011. [QL696 .P2438 L45 2011]

Research progress in fisheries science. Edited by Hunter, William. 2011. [SH332 .R47 2011]

Rye: genetics, breeding, and cultivation. Schlegel, Rolf H. J. 2014. [SB191 .R9 S34 2014] Also Digital

Salmon, people, and place: a biologist's search for salmon recovery. Lichatowich, Jim. 2013. [SH348 .L528 2013]

Seawatching: eastern waterbirds in flight. Behrens, Ken. The Peterson reference guide series. 2013. [QL683 .E27 B34 2013]

Stem cell research and the collaborative regulation of innovation. Devaney, Sarah. Biomedical law and ethics library. 2014. [KD3410 .S74 D48 2014]

Urban forestry: toward an ecosystem services research agenda: a workshop summary. Thomas, Katie. 2013. [SB436 .T53 2013] Also Digital

Using science to improve the BLM Wild Horse and Burro Program: a way forward. 2013. [SF360.3 .U6 U87 2013] Also Digital

Water in biological and chemical processes: from structure and dynamics to function. Bagchi, B. 2013. [QP535 .H1 B34 2013] Also Digital

Why dogs hump and bees get depressed: the fascinating science of animal intelligence, emotions, friendship, and conservation. Bekoff, Marc. 2013. [QL751 .B3655 2013]

Wildlife management and conservation: contemporary principles and practices. Edited by Krausman, Paul R. and Cain, James W. 2013. [SK361 .W49 2013]

Yellowstone wildlife: ecology and natural history of the greater Yellowstone ecosystem. Johnsgard, Paul A. 2013. [QH105 .W8 J64 2013 F]

Zookeeping: an introduction to the science and technology. Edited by Irwin, Mark D., Stoner, John B., and Cobaugh, Aaron M. 2013. [QL76 .Z736 2013]


ProQuest statistical abstract of the United States. 2014. [HA202 .A483 2014] Also Digital

The World almanac and book of facts. 2014. [AY67 .N5 W7 2013] Also Digital

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