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New acquisitions received in October 2013

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Abominable science! : Origins of the yeti, Nessie, and other famous cryptids. Loxton, Daniel and Prothero, Donald R. 2013. [QL88.3 .L69 2013]

Agritourism and nature tourism in California, 2nd ed. George, Holly and Rilla, Ellie. 2011. [S565.88 .G46 2011]

Amphibian biology. Volume 9: Status of decline of amphibians: western hemisphere. Part 3: Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname, and French Guiana. Edited by Barrio-Amoros, Cesar L. and Wilkinson, John W. 2013. [QL667 .A47 1994 F V.9 PT.3]

Analysis of oligonucleotides and their related substances. Edited by Okafo, George, Elder, David and Webb, Mike. The chromsoc separation science series. 2013. [QP625 .O47 A53 2013]

Anatomies: the human body, its parts and the stories they tell. Aldersey-Williams, Hugh. 2013. [QP38 .A36 2013]

Ascaris: the neglected parasite. Edited by Holland, Celia. 2013. [QL391 .N4 A83 2013]

The Avian migrant: the biology of bird migration. Rappole, John H. 2013. [QL698.9 .R37 2013]

Bienen Mitteleuropas: Gattungen, Lebensweise, Beobachtung. Amiet, Felix and Krebs, Albert. 2012. [QL668 .A6 A48 2012]

Biochemistry: the molecular basis of life, 5th ed. McKee, Trudy and McKee, James R. 2014. [QD415 .M36 2014]

Bionanophotonics: an introductory textbook. Kinoshita, Shuichi. 2013. [QP517 .P45 K56 2013] Also Digital

Bird conservation: global evidence for the effects of interventions. Williams, David R., et al. Synopses of conservation evidence, v. 2. 2013. [QL676.5 .B57 2013]

Birds of Alaska. Telander, Todd. Falcon field guide. 2013. [QL684 .A4 T45 2013]

Birds and people. Cocker, Mark and Tipling, David. 2013. [QL673 .C63 2013]

Birds of the Sierra Nevada: their natural history, status, and distribution. Beedy, Edward C. and Pandolfino, Edward R. 2013. [QL683 .S54 B444 2013]

Biodiversity in India. Volume 6. Edited by Pullaih, T. and Reddy, K. Jaganmohan. 2013. [QH183 .B56 2002 V.6]

Britain’s freshwater fishes. Everard, Mark. WILDguides. 2013. [QL633 .G7 E94 2013]

Classification analysis of DNA microarrays. Peterson, Leif E. Wiley series in bioinformatics: computational techniques and engineering. 2013. [QP624.5 .D726 P48 2013]

Cold-adapted microorganisms. Edited by Yumoto, Isao. 2013. [QR100.9 .C65 2013]

Colored atlas of Chinese amphibians and their distributions. Fei, Liang, Ye, Changyuan and Jiang, Jianping. 2012. [QL661 .C6 Z46 2012 F]

Concepts of genetics, 10th ed. Klug, William S., et al. 2014. [QH430 .K574 2014]

Corneal regenerative medicine: methods and protocols. Edited by Wright, Bernice and Connon, Che J. Methods in molecular biology, v. 1014. 2013. [QH506 .M45 V.1014] Also Digital

Cyclic nucleotide signaling in plants: methods and protocols. Edited by Gehring, Chris. Methods in molecular biology, v. 1016. 2013. [QH506 .M45 V.1016] Also Digital

Designer biology: the ethics of intensively engineering biological and ecological systems. Edited by Basl, John and Sandler, Ronald L. 2013. [QH332 .D475 2013]

Developmental biology, 10th ed. Gilbert, Scott F. 2014. [QL955 .G48 2014]

The Diversity of life on earth: from heritage to extinction. Forges, Sylvain Richer de. 2012. [QH75 .F66 2012]

Ecological dimensions for sustainable socio economic development. Edited by Yanez-Arancibia, Alejandro, et al. 2013. [HC79 .E5 E25196 2013]

Embryonic stem cell immunobiology: methods and protocols. Edited by Zavazava, Nicholas. Methods in molecular biology, v. 1029. 2013. [QH506 .M45 V.1029] Also Digital

Equine locomotion, 2nd ed. Back, Willem and Clayton, Hilary. 2013. [SF289 .E68 2013]

Evolutionary analysis, 5th ed. Herron, Jon C. and Freeman, Scott. 2014. [QH366.2 .F73 2014]

Evolved: chronicles of a Pleistocene mind. Werner, Maximilian. 2013. [QH81 .W465 2013]

Flowering plants and ferns of St Helena. Lambdon, Phil. 2012. [QK275 .S27 L36 2012]

Four seasons of flowers: a selection of botanical illustrations from the rare book collection at Dumbarton Oaks. Lott, Linda. 2013. [QK98.2 .L68 2013]

Genetic material. Miglani, Gurbachan S. 2013. [QH430 .M56 2013]

Guanylate cyclase and cyclic GMP: methods and protocols. Edited by Krieg, Thomas anad Lukowski, Robert. Methods in molecular biology, v. 1020. 2013. [QH506 .M45 V.1020] Also Digital

Handbook of the birds of the world: special volume: new species and global index. Edited by del Hoyo, Josep, et al. 2013. [QL673 .H25 1992 F V.17]

Harper’s illustrated biochemistry, 29th ed. Murray, Robert K., et al. 2012. [QP514 .R4 2012]

Herpetology: an introductory biology of amphibians and reptiles, 4th ed. Witt, Laurie J. and Caldwell, Janalee P. 2014. [QL641 .V58 2014]

Hornbills of the world: a photographic guide. Poonswad, Pilai, Kemp, Alan and Strange, Morten. 2013. [QL696 .C729 P48 2013]

Human motion simulation: predictive dynamics. Abdel-Malek, Karim A. and Arora, Jasbir Singh. 2013. [QP303 .A23 2013] Also Digital

Imaging in cellular and tissue engineering. Edited by Yu, Hanry and Abdul Rahim, Nur Aida. Series in cellular and clinical imaging, n. 2. 2013. [R855.3 .I43 2013] Also Digital
Introduction to kinesiology: studying physical activity, 4th ed.
Edited by Hoffman, Shirl J. 2013. [QP303 .I53 2013]

The Justices and injustices of ecosystems services. Edited by Sikor, Thomas. 2013. [QH541.15 .E267 J87 2013]

Lotka-volterra and related systems: recent developments in population dynamics. Edited by Ahmad, Shair and Stamova, Ivanka. Series in mathematics and life sciences. 2013. [QH352 .L67 2013]

Marine birds of the eastern United States and the Bay of Fundy: distribution, numbers, trends, threats, and management. Nisbet, Ian C. T., et al. Nuttall ornithological monographs, n. 29. 2013. [QL663 .E27 N57 2013]

The Neuropsychology of smell and taste. Martin, G. Neil. Brain, behaviour and cognition. 2013. [QP360 .M3516 2013]

Mass spectrometry data analysis in proteomics, 2nd ed. Edited by Matthiesen, Rune. Methods in molecular biology, v. 1007. 2013. [QH506 .M45 V.1007]

Mathematical modeling in systems biology: an introduction. Ingalls, Brian P. 2013. [QH508 .I46 2013]

Membrane filtration: a problem solving approach with MATLAB. Foley, Greg. 2013. [TP248.25 .M46 F65 2013]

Nanobiotechnology protocols, 2nd ed. Edited by Rosenthal, Sandra J. and Wright, David W. Methods in molecular biology, v. 1026. 2013. [QH506 .M45 V.1026] Also Digital

Nuclear war and environmental catastrophe. Chomsky, Noam and Polk, Laray. 2013. [QH545 .N83 C56 2013]

People, parasites, and plowshares: learning from our body’s most terrifying invaders. Despommier, Dickson D. 2013. [QL757 .D47 2013]

The Origins and spread of domestic animals in southwest Asia and Europe. Edited by Colledge, Su, at al. Publications of the Institute of Archaeology, University College, London; v. 59. 2013. [SF55 .E84 P75 2013]

Otter country: in search of the wild otter. Darlington, Miriam. 2012. [QL737 .C25 D37 2012]

A Photographic atlas for the botany laboratory, 6th ed. Rushforth, Samuel, et al. 2012. [QK642 .V36 2012]

Plant lipid signaling protocols. Edited by Munnik, Teun and Heilmann, Ingo. Methods in molecular biology, v. 1009. 2013. [QH506 .M45 V.1009] Also Digital

Plastid development in leaves during growth and senescence. Edited by Biswal, Basanti, Krupinska, Karin and Biswal, Udaya C. Advances in photosynthesis and respiration, v. 36. 2013. [QK475.8 .P53 2013]

Population ecology: first principles, 2nd ed. Vandermeer, John H. and Goldberg, Deborah E. 2013. [QH532 .V36 2013]

Principles of sustainable soil management in agroecosystems. Edited by Lal, Rattan and Stewart, Bobby A. Advances in soil science. 2013. [S623 .P75 2013] Also Digital

Prions: current progress and advanced research. Edited by Sakudo, Akikazu and Onodera, Takashi. 2013. [QR502 .P7452 2013]

Protein-ligand interactions: methods and applications, 2nd ed. Edited by Williams, Mark A. and Daviter, Tina. Methods in molecular biology, v. 1008. 2013. [QH506 .M45 V.1008] Also Digital

Recent trends in animal behaviour. Edited by Lincoln, Hubert. 2012. [QL751 .R378 2012]

Restoring paradise: rethinking and rebuilding nature in Hawaii. Cabin, Robert J. 2013. [QH198 .H3 C23 2013]

The Secret world of sleep: the surprising science at the mind at rest. Lewis, Penelope A. 2013. [QP425 .L492 2013]

The Spider families of Europe: keys, diagnoses and diversity. Edited by Wunderlich, Joerg. Beiträge zur Araneologie, 8. 2012. [QL453.4 .A1 W85 2012]

Stem cells in reproductive medicine: basic science and therapeutic potential, 3rd ed. Edited by Simon, Carlos, Pellicer, Antonio and Pera, Renee Reijo. 2013. [QP277 .S74 2013]

A Sting in the tale. Goulson, Dave. 2013. [QL568 .A6 G695 2013]

The Stokes field guide to birds. Western region. Stokes, Donald and Stokes, Lillian. 2013. [QL683 .W4 S76 2013]

Structural aspects of protein synthesis, 2nd ed. Liljas, Anders and Ehrenberg, Måns. Series in structural biology, v. 1. 2013. [QP551 .L4685 2013]

Synthetic biology and morality: artificial life and the bounds of nature. Edited by Kaebnick, Gregory E. and Murray, Thomas H. Basic bioethics. 2013. [QH332 .S97 2013]
Trinucleotide repeat protocols, 2nd ed. Edited by Kohwi, Yoshinori and McMurray, Cynthia T. Methods in molecular biology, v. 1010. 2013. [QH506 .M45 V.1010] Also Digital

The Turtles of Mexico: land and freshwater forms. Legler, John M. and Vogt, Richard C. 2013. [QL666 .C5 L42 2013]

Wildlife forensic investigation: principles and practice. Cooper, John E. and Cooper, Margaret E. 2013. [SF769.47 .C664 2013] Also Digital

World catalogue of insects. Volume 11: Notodontidae and Oenosandridae (Lepidoptera). Schintlmeister, Alexander. 2013. [QL468 .W67 1998 V.11]

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