Cookbooks: Jewish and more


With the establishment of Food Studies programs at universities in North America and elsewhere over the past several decades, cookbooks are now fully recognized by academic libraries as valuable troves of all kinds of information.  Foodways researcher Barbara Wheaton uses cookbooks to document the use of ingredients; kitchen equipment and the workspace; and cooking techniques across time and space.[i]  And as NYU professor of Nutrition, Food Studies, and Public Health Marion Nestle writes in her foreword to 101 Classic Cookbooks, “food history is inscribed in cookbooks. Recipes are gateways to understanding how people ate and thought about foodways in the past.”[ii]


[i]Barbara Wheaton,Finding Real Life In Cookbooks: The Adventures Of A Culinary Historian,” Humanities Research Group, Vol. 7 (1998).  

[ii] Marvin J. Taylor and Clark Wolf, eds., 101 Classic Cookbooks: 501 Classic Recipes (New York: Rizzoli, 2012), p. 8-9.


Jewish cookbooks at Stanford University Libraries

  1. Laurence Orah Phitoussi ; photographies, Marie Hennechart ; illustrations, Lucile Prache. 2017

  2. Maya and Dean Jankelowitz ; recipes by Julia Jaksic. 2017

  3. Rivka Parizad. 2017

  4. Claire Bastier. 2016

  5. אפרת ליבפרוינד.. 2016

  6. by Susie Fishbein ; photography by John Uher. 2016

  7. a cookbook by Amy Stopnicki. 2016

  8. Joyce Goldstein. 2016

  9. Michael Wex.. 2016

  10. Elizabeth Kurtz to benefit Emunah of America. 2015

  11. Yael Raviv. 2015

  12. from the kitchen of Daniella Silver ; with tips & techniques from Norene Gilltez ; photography and food styling by EyeCandyTO Ann Gagno and Abraham Wornovitzky ; art direction by Atara Yunger. 2015

  13. recipes and photos by Miriam Pascal, creator of 2015

  14. Fania Lewando ; translated from the Yiddish, annotated, and adapted for the modern kitchen by Eve Jochnowitz ; foreword by Joan Nathan. 2015

  15. Michael Solomonov and Steven Cook ; produced by Dorothy Kalins ; photography by Mike Persico ; design by Don Morris Design. 2015

  16. Janna Gur ; with Nirit Yadin and Ruth Oliver ; photography by Daniel Lailah ; visual concept and food styling by Amit Farber. 2014

  17. Laura Silver. 2014

  18. ]עורך אחראי דב איכנולד[.. 2014

  19. ]מתכונים, עידית חייט ; צילומים, יוסי סליס[.. 2013

  20. Alain Taubes ; préface de Colombe Schneck. 2013

  21. Rabbi Zalman Goldstein. 2013

  22. אלינוער רבין ; צילום מוטי פישביין.. 2013

  23. עורכות: ז׳אנה גור; איריס גלברט.. 2013

  24. ליה שומרון פינדר.. 2013

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