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Environmental Policy; Environment & Natural History (Green Library Collection)

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Actions deliberately taken to manage human activities with a view to prevent, reduce, or mitigate harmful effects on nature and natural resources. Wikipedia "Environmental Policy"

> getting started

  • Overview of topic by consulting encyclopedias and other reference works (including Wikipedia)
  • Check for a survey of recent research in Annual Review of Environment and Resources Stanford license
  • Identify search terms, e.g., "Environmental Policy", "Environmental Degradation", "Environmental Protection", "Enviromental Quality", "Science and State", "Scientists--Political Activity"
  • Then search Google Scholar, xSearch Stanford license, article indexes and SearchWorks (for more books). Display full records from relevant items to find more search terms and develop your search strategy
  • Review the notes and bibliography of articles and books that you have already discovered

Portals etc.

xSearch : Environmental Policy

Powered By Deep Web TechnologiesSimultaneously searches ABI/Inform Global, Academic Search Premier, Annual Reviews, ASFA: Aquatic Sciences & Fisheries Abstracts, Biosis Previews, CAB Abstracts, Dissertations and Theses, Engineering Village, Environmental Sciences & Pollution Management, Highwire Press, Lexis Nexis Academic, PsycINFO, and Web of Science.


  • Environment & Energy News Stanford license environmental and energy policy
  • Preserving Natural Capital: software that factors the value of natural systems into land-use decisions.
  • Stanford Humanities Scholars Shed New Light on the Past, Present, and Future of Environmental Change
  • commercialization of emerging technologies: Lux Research, Alternative Fuels, Bio-Based Materials, Water, Solar Systems, Solar Components, Smart Grrid and Storage, Electric Vehicles, Advanced Materials, Printed and Flexible Electronics, Energy Electronics, Efficient Building Systems, Sustainable Building Materials, Formulation & DeliveryServices Stanford license


  • commercialization of emerging technologies: Lux Research Stanford license
  • GIS @ Branner Library

> encyclopedias and handbooks etc.


> indexes, abstracts, fulltext

Some library article databases contain full-text. Most, however, contain article abstracts and citation information such as author, journal, publication date; to locate full-text:

  • Link to the full-text of the article by clicking on a button that says .
  • If you don't see the find it @ SU button, search Socrates, the Stanford Libraries Catalog, by Periodical Title to determine if the journal is available to you through the Stanford Libraries.
  • If the journal is not in the Socrates, you can request it from another library via InterLibrary Services.

A few library databases for Environmental policy issues:

  • Environmental issues & policy index Stanford license
  • Environmental Sciences and Pollution Management Databases Stanford license.Search, separately or combined, 13 files offering abstracts for the worldwide literature covering the environmental sciences including air, land, water and noise pollution, bacteriology, ecology, toxicology, risk assessment, environmental biotechnology and engineering, waste management, water resources, policies and regulations, and U.S. federal environmental impact statements. Abstracts and citations are drawn from over 1500 scientific journals and thousands of other sources including conference proceedings, reports, monographs, books and government publications. (Updated monthly)
    • Agricultural & Environmental Biotechnology Abstracts, 1993 - present
    • ASFA 3: Aquatic Pollution & Environmental Quality, 1990 - present
    • Bacteriology Abstracts (Microbiology B), 1982 - present
    • Ecology Abstracts, 1982 - present
    • EIS: Digests of Environmental Impact Statements, 1985 - present
    • Environmental Engineering Abstracts, 1990 - present
    • Health & Safety Sciences Abstracts, 1981 - present
    • Industrial & Applied Microbiology Abstracts (Microbiology A), 1982 - present
    • Pollution Abstracts, 1981 - present
    • Risk Abstracts, 1990 - present
    • Toxicology Abstracts, 1982 - present
    • TOXLINE, 1991 - present
    • Water Resources Abstracts, 1967 - present
  • News sources | Environment & Energy News Stanford license
  • PAIS Stanford license (Public Affairs and Information Service) is one starting point for environmental policy literature. The broad search "environmental policy and climate change" retrieves over 2600 journal articles and books. PAIS contains abstracts of journal articles, books, some government documents, statistical directories, grey literature, research reports, conference reports, and publications of international agencies. Newspapers and newsletters are not indexed. PAIS International includes publications from over 120 countries.
  • PolicyFile Stanford license

> more gov docs

Gov Doc Resources of the Stanford Libraries

ProQuest Congressional Stanford license  aka Congressional Publications database:  committee prints, congressional, congressional record, crs reports, hearings, serial set. User guide.
Free Government Information (FGI) is co-authored by Stanford library docs librarian james R. Jacobs.


> stats

US statistics (Stanford Library Guide), including

 Comparative International Statistics (Stanford Library Guide), including

Other Sources/Compilers

> what library covers which topics

Engineering Library covers these topics:

Batteries, Technology and storage
Decision Analysis
Energy, Alternative - technologies
Energy, Efficiency – technologies
Energy, Pollution mitigation
Energy, Power plants
Energy, Power transmission
Energy, Renewable- technologies
Energy Supply- technologies
Environmental Engineering - technologies
Environmental Contaminants, Analysis -
Environmental Contaminants, Marine
Environmental Entrepreneurship
Green Design
Hydrologic Systems
Microbial Systems
Risk Analysis
Solar Energy
Sustainable Business
Sustainable Development
Urbanization and the Built Environment
Water Quality, Fresh - Pollution mitigation,
Wastewater treatment

Other libraries cover . . .

Air Quality, Medical aspects – Lane
Batteries, Chemistry - Swain
Decision Analysis –  Business
Energy, Biomass Production –  Falconer
Energy, Coal Mining –  Branner
Energy, Petroleum –  Branner
Energy, Geothermal – Branner
Environmental Contaminants, Chemistry – Swain
Environmental Contaminants, Marine – Hopkins
Environmental Engineering, Social aspects –  Green
Environmental Entrepreneurship –  Business
Environmental Influences on Humans –  Falconer, Lane
Environmental Sciences, Early – Falconer
Freshwater Resources – Falconer, Branner
Government Documents – Green
Green Design – Art & Architecture
Hydrologic Systems - Branner
Marine Ecology – Hopkins
Microbial Systems – Swain, Falconer
Policy and the Environment – Green, Law
Risk Analysis –  Business
Sustainable Business – Business
Urbanization and the Built Environment – Art & Architecture
Water Quality, Marine – Hopkins
Water Quality, Medical aspects –  Lane


Law Library Collection Policy

The Robert Crown Law Library collects widely in California, national, and foreign energy and environmental law.  Most U.S. federal and state primary law, loose-leaf sets, and practice materials are maintained online. The library acquires texts on legal topics, as well as books that focus on broader policy related issues.  We collect extensively in international law of climate change, sustainable development and energy, including treaty compilations and commentaries, and doctrinal works. Foreign country print materials focus on secondary materials. We rely on online databases and free online resources for primary foreign law. Foreign language materials on energy and environmental law are mainly restricted to German, French, and Spanish, based on faculty and advanced degree student interest. In the future, collection decisions on energy law will be driven by the demands of the newly created Steyer-Taylor Center for Energy Policy and Finance.

Sergio Stone, 2/7/2012

Johnson Library, Green Library, Collection Policy

Environmental Collection Development Statement for Government Information and NGOs Material Types (International, Federal, Foreign, State, Local)

 Green Library collects government and non-governmental information in a variety of formats (print, digital, microformat, etc.) on all topics related to environmental studies, as articulated in the two lists of topics (put together by Kathleen).  All attempts to be comprehensive in time coverage and publishing history for these collections whenever possible is made.

Government information is any material published and disseminated by a government or quasi-government agency or intergovernmental organization.  Nongovernmental information is any material published and disseminated by a voluntary organization "acting on a continuous basis, for some common purpose, other than achieving government office, making money or illegal activities". (See

Records of such bodies are collected on selective basis, e.g. GATT Digital Archive or Foreign Service Office papers.  These typically are purchased through a commercial vendor, acquired as a special collection, or part of a Stanford Digital Project.

List of major government and nongovernmental publication types:

  • Legislation (parliamentary and other law creation documents)
  • Voting Records (of legislative bodies)
  • Laws/Codes
  • Regulations
  • Treaties
  • Resolutions
  • Speeches, Proclamations, Executive Orders
  • Statistics
  • Numeric Data
  • Spatial Data
  • Agency publications, e.g. journals, newsletters, books, factsheets, etc.
  • Blue Ribbon Commission Reports
  • Annual Reports
  • Special Commission studies and reports
  • Technical Reports*
  • Political Referenda results (election results for propositions or whatever they are called in other countries)
  • Policy brief and reports
  • Research reports
  • NGO publications, e.g. journals, books, books, factsheets, etc. 

*Technical Reports and standards are exceptions as these materials are typically collected and housed by the subject library.  Overlaps with Technical Reports and other reports exist, especially when c. 2 were purchased, received as gifts or acquired by other means. 

Kris Kasianovitz 2/7/2012