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Higher education

This is for those interested in higher education, both research and practice.

Background information

Cover image of The Palgrave handbook of critical thinking in higher education
First edition.
Education Library (Cubberley) » Stacks » LB2395.35 .P35 2015
"explores critical thinking in higher education in all its forms, from definitions to teaching and incorporating it into the curriculum, its relationship to culture and the professions, and its social perspectivers and scientific and cognitive manifestations."
Bloomington : Indiana University Press, c2003.
SAL3 (off-campus storage) » Stacks » LA1503 .A39 2003
Los Angeles [etc.] Cooperative Institutional Research Program.
Education Library (Cubberley) » Ask at circulation desk » LB2310 .A45 1996 + ERRATUM
Montreal : UNESCO Institute for Statistics, 2003-
Education Library (Cubberley) » Stacks » LB2846 .G56 2012
Los Angeles : Sage Publications, c2012.
Education Library (Cubberley) » Stacks » LB2331 .H3148 2012
Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2007.
Education Library (Cubberley) » Stacks » LB1027.3 .H365 2007
1st ed. San Francisco : Jossey-Bass, c2012.
Education Library (Cubberley) » Stacks » LB2326.3 .H36 2012
"Institutional research is more relevant today than ever before as growing pressures for improved student learning and increased institutional accountability motivate higher education to effectively use ever-expanding data and information resources."
Cheltenham, UK ; Northampton, MA : Edward Elgar, c2011.
Education Library (Cubberley) » Stacks » LB2324 .H36 2011
New York, N.Y. : Agathon Press, c1985-
Education Library (Cubberley) » Stacks » LB2300 .H47 V.34
"Published annually since 1985, the "Handbook" series provides a compendium of thorough and integrative literature reviews on a diverse array of topics of interest to the higher education scholarly and policy communities. Each chapter provides a comprehensive review of research findings on a selected topic, critiques the research literature in terms of its conceptual and methodological rigor, and sets forth an agenda for future research intended to advance knowledge on the chosen topic."
London ; New York : Routledge, 2009.
Education Library (Cubberley) » Stacks » LA173 .H584 2009 V.1
Dordrecht : Springer, 2006.
Education Library (Cubberley) » Stacks » LB2322.2 .I57 2006 PT.1
"provides an in-depth analysis of the scope of postsecondary education worldwide, combining a series of overarching comparative essays with analytic chapters focusing on key countries and regions."
[Washington, D.C.] : American Council on Education, Office of Minority Concerns,
SAL1&2 (on-campus shelving) » Stacks » LC3731 .A512 ED.24 2010
Los Angeles : Sage, c2009.
Education Library (Cubberley) » Stacks » LC2717 .S34 2009
"comprehensive collection of theoretical and empirical scholarship in six important areas: historical perspectives, teaching and learning, PK-12 school leadership, higher education, current issues, and education policy."
New York : Routledge, 2009.
Education Library (Cubberley) » Stacks » LB2322.2 .R677 2009
"This volume is a detailed and up-to-date reference work providing an authoritative overview of the main issues in higher education around the world today. Consisting of newly commissioned chapters and impressive journal articles, it surveys the state of the discipline and includes the examination and discussion of emerging, controversial and cutting edge areas."
Thousand Oaks, CA : SAGE Publications, c2012.
Education Library (Cubberley) » Stacks » LC1090 .S26 2012
Santa Barbara, Calif. : ABC-CLIO, c2002.
Education Library (Cubberley) » Stacks » LC1569 .W66 2002
"documents the experiences of the many groups of women who are part of the higher education system--students, administrators, faculty, and staff--across a broad spectrum of social class, age, sexual orientation, and racial/ethnic groups."
Washington, D.C. : NEA Communications Services, c1984-
SAL3 (off-campus storage) » Stacks » LA227.3 .N37 2010
Thousand Oaks, California : SAGE Publications, Inc., 2012.
Education Library (Cubberley) » Stacks » LC1099 .E38 2012 V.1
"The major aim of this encyclopedia is to describe the most important concepts, theories, research, policies, case studies, and programs at the pre-school through the postsecondary levels and their implications for educational reform. Diversity is defined broadly in this encyclopedia and includes race, ethnicity, social class, gender, sexual orientation (LGBT), religion, language, and exceptionality, which encompasses giftedness and disability." p. xlviii

New books

Education Library (Cubberley) » Stacks » LA707 .M47 2020
Primera edición.
Education Library (Cubberley) » Stacks » LA568 .M475 2019
Education Library (Cubberley) » Stacks » LA2365 .B6 S26 2018
Education Library (Cubberley) » Stacks » LA2317 .R255 A3 2019
Education Library (Cubberley) » Stacks » LB2341 .G486 2020
1. edição.
Education Library (Cubberley) » Stacks » LC212.43 .B6 S26 2019


Lancaster, Pa. : Editorial Project for Education, 1966-
Green Library » Current periodicals » LA227.3 .C5
[Menasha, Wisc.] : The Association, 1947-
Education Library (Cubberley) » Reading Room
[Raleigh, N.C., North Carolina State University]
SAL3 (off-campus storage) » Stacks » 370.5 .C7355 V.33 2006/2007
New York, Pergamon Press.
SAL3 (off-campus storage) » Stacks » LB2300 .C6 V.53 N.3-4 2009
Fairfax, VA : Cox, Matthews & Associates, 2005-
Education Library (Cubberley) » Stacks
Amsterdam : Elsevier, 1972-
SAL3 (off-campus storage) » Stacks » 370.5 .H642 V.56:NO.4-6 2008
Bucharest, UNESCO, CEPES.
SAL3 (off-campus storage) » Stacks » LA628 .H54 V.34 2009
Paris : OECD, c2002-
SAL3 (off-campus storage) » For use in Green Library » LB2341 .H5 V.17 2005
New York, N.Y. : Agathon Press, c1985-
Education Library (Cubberley) » Stacks » LB2300 .H47 V.34
New York, NY : CH II Publishers, c1993-
SAL3 (off-campus storage) » Stacks » LC2781 .J68 NO.62 2008/2009
Alexandria, Va. : American College Personnel Association, 1988-
Education Library (Cubberley) » Stacks
[Columbus, Ohio, Ohio State University] 1930-
SAL3 (off-campus storage) » Stacks » 370.5 .J87 V.87:NO.4-6 2016
San Francisco : Jossey-Bass, c1973-
Education Library (Cubberley) » Ask at circulation desk » LB2328 .N4
New Brunswick : Transaction Publishers, c2005-
Education Library (Cubberley) » Stacks » LA173 .H58 V.32 2018
New York, APS Publications.
SAL3 (off-campus storage) » Stacks » 370.5 .R4323 V.49:NO.5-8 2008
Charlottesville, Va. : The Association, 1978-
Education Library (Cubberley) » Stacks
[South Africa] : Committee of University Principals of South Africa, 1987-
Education Library (Cubberley) » Stacks » LA2013 .S68 V.29:NO.6 2015
[Oxford, Eng., Carfax Pub. Co.]
SAL3 (off-campus storage) » Stacks » LB2300 .S8 V.39:NO.6-10 2014


Education databases

[Washington, DC : National Library of Education?, 199?-
Stanford Libraries » Online resource » eResource
Bibliographic database of educational resources including articles, reports, and curriculum.
[Bronx, N.Y.] : H.W. Wilson Co.
Stanford Libraries » Online resource » eResource
Indexes and abstracts articles of English-language periodicals and books on education from 1983 on. Abstracting coverage begins with January 1994. Full-text coverage begins in January 1996 and is available for over half the 600 journals indexed.
Bethesda, MD : Editorial Projects in Education, Inc.
Stanford Libraries » Online resource » eResource
Birmingham, AL : Teachers College Record
Stanford Libraries » Online resource » eResource
"Teachers College Record Book Reviews provides comprehensive reviews of the leading books in education and educational research by major scholars in these fields. "

Related databases

San Diego, CA : The Foundation, c1999-
Stanford Libraries » Online resource » eResource