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Natural products

This guide contains selected library resources on natural products.


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xSearch enables Stanford students and researchers to search multiple resources at one time.  The 350+ resources in xSearch include abstracts and indexes, datasets, full-text ejournal and ebooks, funding opportunities, methods and protocols, patents, streaming media, technical reports, plus more.  A Chemical Safety Search site that includes 70+ resources is also available.


This page includes featured and new books on natural products plus books on biocatalysis, bioengineering, biotransformation (metabolism), carbohydrates, enzymes biotechnology, evolutionary genetics, genetic engineering, glycomics, glycosides, lipids, metabolites (secondary), microbial genetics, molecular evolution, phytochemicals, plants (medicinal), proteomics, protein engineering, RNA protein interactions, and synthetic biology.  It also includes three book series covering natural products.

Books on biocatalysis

  1. Anjali Priyadarshini, PhD, Prerna Pandey, PhD.. 2019

  2. Qayyum Husain, Mohammad Fahad Ullah, editors. 2019

  3. Qayyum Husain, Mohammad Fahad Ullah, editors. 2019

Books on bioengineering

  1. Renu Vyas, editors. 2020

  2. edited by Dr. R. Navanietha Krishnaraj, Dr. Rajesh K. Sani. 2020

  3. Jonathan D. Moreno and Jay Schulkin. 2020

Books on biotransformation (metabolism)

  1. edited by John Whittall, Manchester Interdisciplinary Biocentre (MIB), the University of Manchester, UK, Peter Sutton, GlaxoSmithKline Research and Development Limited, UK, Wolfgang Kroutil, University of Graz, Austria. 2016

  2. edited by John Whittall, Manchester Interdisciplinary Biocentre (MIB), The University of Manchester, UK, Peter Sutton, GlaxoSmithKline Research and Development Limited, UK, Wolfgang Kroutil, University of Graz, Austria. 2016

  3. edited by Pavel Anzenbacher and Ulrich M. Zanger. 2012

Books on enzymes biotechnology

  1. edited by Sudhir P. Singh [and more].. 2020

  2. edited by Jose M. Guisan, Juan M. Bolivar, Fernando López-Gallego, Javier Rocha-Martín.. 2020

  3. edited by Ashok Pandey, Ram Sarup Singh, Reeta Rani Singhania, Christian Larroche. 2019

Books on evolutionary genetics

  1. Eva Jablonka, Marion J. Lamb. 2020

  2. edited by Dennis H. O'Rourke. 2019

  3. Glenn-Peter Sætre and Mark Ravinet. 2019

Books on genetic engineering

Books on glycomics

  1. Naoyuki Taniguchi, Tamao Endo, Jun Hirabayashi, Shoko Nishihara, Kenji Kadomatsu, Kazunari Akiyoshi, Kiyoko F. Aoki-Kinoshita, editors. 2019

  2. editors: Wanyi Guan, Lei Li, Peng George Wang. 2019

  3. A. Krishna Prasad, editor. 2018

Books on glycosides

  1. edited by Ana Sanches Silva [and more].. 2020

  2. edited by Ronald Ross Watson and Victor R. Preedy. 2019

  3. [edited by] Lynn Wecker ; with David A. Taylor, Robert James Theobald, Jr.. 2019

books on lipids

  1. Howard Goldfine, editor. 2020

  2. Julian Gomez-Cambronero, Michael A. Frohman, editors. 2020

  3. edited by William Griffiths and Yuqin Wang. 2020

Books on metabolites, secondary

Books on microbial genetics

  1. edited by Muhammad Zaffar Hashmi. 2020

  2. Hiromi Nishida, Taku Oshima, editors. 2019

  3. edited by Steven C. Ricke, Si Hong Park, Morgan L. Davis. 2019

Books on molecular evolution

  1. edited by Tobias Sikosek. 2019

  2. Michael J. Behe. 2019

  3. edited by Philippe Grandcolas, Marie-Christine Maurel. 2018

Books on plants, medicinal

  1. Mayaram Uniyal, D.K. Semwal and Ruchi B. Semwal. 2020

  2. edited by Durgesh Nandini Chauhan, Prabhu Raj Singh, Kamal Shah and Nagendra Singh Chauhan. 2020

  3. Preeti Dhar, Durga Nath Dhar. 2019

Books on proteomics

  1. edited by Rune Matthiesen. 2020

  2. edited by Jesus V. Jorrin-Novo, Luis Valledor, Mari Angeles Castillejo, Maria-Dolores Rey.. 2020

  3. edited by Robert Winkler. 2020

Books on RNA protein interactions

  1. editor Dr. Bibekanand Mallick. 2019

  2. Chirlmin Joo, David Rueda, editors. 2019

  3. edited by Katsutomo Okamura, Kotaro Nakanishi. 2018

Book series on natural products

  Progress in the chemistry of organic natural products

  Progress in the chemistry of organic natural products

 "The volumes of this classic series, now referred to simply as "Zechmeister" after its founder, L. Zechmeister, have appeared under the Springer imprint ever since the series was founded in 1938. The volumes contain contributions on various topics related to the origin, distribution, chemistry, synthesis, biochemistry, function or use of various classes of naturally occurring substances ranging from small molecules to biopolymers. Each contribution is written by a recognized authority in his field and provides a comprehensive and up-to-date review of the topic in question. Addressed to biologists, technologists and chemists alike, the series can be used by the expert as a source of information and literature citations and by the non-expert as a means of orientation in a rapidly developing discipline." (publisher's description)

  1. A. Douglas Kinghorn, Heinz Falk, Simon Gibbons, Jun'ichi Kobayashi, Yoshinori Asakawa, Ji-Kai Liu, editors ; with contributions by R. Mata [and more].. 2019

  2. A. Douglas Kinghorn, Heinz Falk, Simon Gibbons, Jun'ichi Kobayashi, Yoshinori Asakawa, Ji-Kai Liu, editors ; with contributions by E. Gössinger, H. Shigemori, N. Blicharska, V. Seidel. 2019

  3. A. Douglas Kinghorn, Heinz Falk, Simon Gibbons, Jun'ichi Kobayashi, editors. 2017

Studies in Natural Product Chemistry
Amsterdam ; New York : Elsevier, 1988-
SAL3 (off-campus storage) » Stacks » QD415 .A2 S78 1988 V.1
"Natural products in the plant and animal kingdom offer a huge diversity of chemical structures that are the result of biosynthetic processes that have been modulated over the millennia through genetic effects. With the rapid developments in spectroscopic techniques and accompanying advances in high-throughput screening techniques, it has become possible to isolate and then determine the structures and biological activity of natural products rapidly, thus opening up exciting opportunities in the field of new drug development to the pharmaceutical industry. This series covers the synthesis or testing and recording of the medicinal properties of natural products, providing cutting edge accounts of the fascinating developments in the isolation, structure elucidation, synthesis, biosynthesis and pharmacology of a diverse array of bioactive natural products." (publisher's description)
Total synthesis of natural products
New York : Wiley, [1973]-©2000.
SAL3 (off-campus storage) » Stacks » QD262 .A68 V.1
"First published in 1973 and completing in 1999, The Total Synthesis of Natural Products is a truly comprehensive review series comprising 11 volumes and providing thorough coverage of the total synthesis of a wide variety of natural and naturally occurring products. The series draws inspiration from the work of Nobel Prize Winners, Robert Burns Woodward and Elias James Corey, who were instrumental in the total synthesis of many major natural products. The series will be of vital use not only to synthetic and process chemists in academia and industry but also to medicinal chemists and chemists working in drug discovery." (publisher's description)


Nottingham, UK : Royal Society of Chemistry, c1987-
SAL3 (off-campus storage) » Stacks » QD415 .A1 N372 2009
Available online, "Natural Product Updates is a literature alerting service keeping you current with recent developments in natural product chemistry. Covering a wide range of primary sources, Natural Product Updates topics include isolation of new natural products, biosynthesis, structure elucidation, synthesis and biological activity studies. Content is selected by our trained Editors. The updates include representative structures and are also searchable by topic, source organism, biological activity and structure type. Subscribers can set up personalised searches and receive alerts of the latest developments directly via email." (publisher's description)
Dictionary of natural products
Web version. [Boca Raton, Fla.?] : Chapman and Hall/CRC, 2007-
Stanford Libraries » Online resource » eResource
"A comprehensive structure database containing over 270,000 natural products. Continually reviewed to keep pace with the current literature, this database is the most comprehensive source of natural product information available." (publisher's description)
[Frankfurt, Germany ; New York, NY] : Elsevier
Stanford Libraries » Online resource » eResource
Available via the web, Reaxys Xcelerate contains an extensive repository of experimentally validated data that chemists need including structures, reactions (including multi-step reactions) and physical properties. Reaxys was formed by the merger of three databases: Beilstein Handbook of Organic Chemistry, Gmelin Handbook of Inorganic and Organometallic Chemistry, and the Chemistry Patent database. (Structure and Reaction Searching)
[Columbus, Ohio : American Chemical Society, Chemical Abstracts Service]
Stanford Libraries » Online resource » eResource
SciFinder is the most comprehensive database for coverage of chemistry & chemical engineering. It has the world's largest collection of organic and inorganic substance information. The web version of SciFinder provides integrated access to CAPlus, CAS Registry, CASREACT, CHEMLIST, and CHEMCATS which are produced by Chemical Abstracts Service, and to MEDLINE which is produced by the U.S. National Library of Medicine. Sources covered in SciFinder include 10,000 journals, patents from 63 patent authorities, book chapters, conference proceedings, dissertations, evaluated reference works, technical reports, as well as book reviews and biographical information. Also includes access to MethodsNow, a curated collection of methods in analytical and synthetic chemistry. (Structure and Reaction Searching)
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Search over 12,000 core journals across the sciences, social sciences, and arts and humanities to find the high quality research. Move backward/forward in time using cited/citing reference identified by researchers. Updated weekly, includes Science Citation Index Expanded (1899-present), Social Sciences Citation Index (1898-present), Arts & Humanities Citation Index (1975-present), Conference Proceedings Citation Index- Science (1990-present), Conference Proceedings Citation Index- Social Science & Humanities (1990-present), Book Citation Index (2005-present), Index Chemicus (1993-present), and Current Chemical Reactions (1985-present; also includes Institut National de la Propriete Industrielle structure data back to 1840)). (Structure searching)


This page includes major references works and encyclopedias.

"This work presents a definitive interpretation of the current status of and future trends in natural products-a dynamic field at the intersection of chemistry and biology concerned with isolation, identification, structure elucidation, and chemical characteristics of naturally occurring compounds such as pheromones, carbohydrates, nucleic acids, and enzymes. With more than 1,800 color figures, Comprehensive Natural Products II features 100% new material and complements rather than replaces the original work ( 1999)." (publisher's description)
Comprehensive Natural Products I
1st ed. Amsterdam ; New York : Elsevier, 1999.
SAL3 (off-campus storage) » Stacks » QD415 .C63 1999 V.1
"For many decades, Natural Products Chemistry has been the principal driving force for progress in Organic Chemistry. Natural Products Chemistry continues to evolve in different directions interacting with physical methods, Biochemistry, and Molecular Biology all at the same time. Published in nine volumes, this Comprehensive series was conceived with the common theme of “How does Nature make all these molecules of life?” The principal idea was to organize the multitude of facts in terms of Biosynthesis rather than structure. The work is not intended to be a comprehensive listing of natural products, nor is it intended that there should be any detail about biological activity. These kinds of information can be found elsewhere." (publisher's description)
"This reference work encompasses the information about well established phytochemicals, biology and biotechnology of medicinal plants or their products, their biosynthesis, novel production strategies, demand and uses, metabolism and bioavailability. There is a surge of information published in recent years on herbal medicine and their pharmacologic effects with single books available on varied subjects. However, all this information is widespread and difficult to overview. Researchers who wish to keep a pace with the rapidly developing field of natural products can now consult this newly compiled handbook to find all information about bioactive molecules and medicinal plants thoroughly compiled in one place." (publisher's description)



Encyclopedia of Marine Natural Products
Second, greatly enlarged edition.
Stanford Libraries » Online resource » eResource
"Now in its second edition and further expanded by 15%, this encyclopedic work is one of the largest resources on marine natural products. It contains an exhaustive and systematic listing of more than 9,000 formulae and 10,000 references with around 650 relevant websites. The unique approach of classifying the compounds by biological species together with their background information makes this particularly useful for marine biologists, and contributed significantly to the overwhelming success of the previous edition. The digital version now features a completely cross-linked library of compounds for easy access to related substances, making it even more useful for biologists, chemists and pharmacologists alike." (publisher's description)
Hoboken, N.J. : John Wiley & Sons, c2009.
Science Library (Li and Ma) » Reference » QP512 .W48 2009 V.1
"This encyclopedia illuminates the crucial role of chemistry and chemical techniques in the life sciences. WECB is an evolving online database of information, combining the most useful features of traditional reference works and review journals in a compelling format designed to exploit the full potential of the online medium. Includes extensive linking to the primary literature and to other online resources." (publisher's description)


This page includes handbooks and dictionaries.

"Written by the team that brought you the prestigious Dictionary of Natural Products (DNP), the Natural Products Desk Reference provides a concise overview of the key structural types of natural products and their interrelationship. A structurally diverse group, ranging from simple aliphatic carbon chains to high molecular weight proteins, natural products can usually be classified into one or more groups. The text describes these major types, including flavonoids, carbohydrates, terpenoids, polyketides, and lipids, and it illustrates them with accurate chemical structures, demonstrating the biosynthetic relationships between groups." (publisher's description)
CRC world dictionary of medicinal and poisonous plants
Boca Raton, Fla. : CRC, 2012.
Science Library (Li and Ma) » Reference » QK99 .A1 Q83 2012 V.1
"Much more than a dictionary, this five-volume set provides the names of thousands of genera and species of economically important plants, concise summaries of plant properties, and appropriate observations about medicinal uses. Drawing from a tremendous range of primary and secondary sources, it is an indispensable time-saving guide for all those involved with botany, herbal medicine, pharmacognosy, toxicology, medicinal and natural product chemistry, and agriculture." (publisher's description)
Handbook of Natural Product Data
Amsterdam ; New York : Elsevier, 1990-
SAL3 (off-campus storage) » Stacks » QD415.7 .R34 1990 V.1
v. 1 Diterpenoid and Steroidal Alkaloids - Covers the physical characteristics and spectral data of 971 diterpenoid and steroidal alkaloids reported until the end of 1988. The compounds are arranged according to their chemical structures in various subclasses, and within each subclass they are arranged in order of increasing molecular weight. The UV, IR, 1 H-NMR and 13 C-NMR and MS spectral data are given in descending orders of magnitude.

v.2 Pentacyclic Triterpenoids - covers the physical characteristics and spectral data of 1500 pentacyclic triterpenes reported until the end of 1990. The compounds are arranged according to their chemical structures in various subclasses, and within each subclass they are arranged in order of increasing molecular weight. The UV, IR, (1)H-NMR and (13)C-NMR and MS spectral data are given in descending orders of magnitude. Data are also presented, where available, on simple derivatives of the alkaloids. CAS Registry Numbers are also given. The book is thoroughly indexed, containing a compound index, molecular weight index, molecular formula index, compound type index and plant source index, which should greatly facilitate the task of the reader in searching for individual compounds

v. 3 Isoquinoline Alkaloids - Isoquinoline alkaloids represent one of the two largest groups of alkaloids, the other being indole alkaloids. The present volume, which is the third of this series, describes the spectral data of about 700 isoquinoline alkaloids and covers the literature up to 1992. The compounds are arranged according to their structural types in various subclasses. Within each subclass they are arranged in order of increasing molecular weight. Compounds in the same subclass and having the same molecular weight are arranged in order of increasing carbon number.
"This book highlights analytical chemistry instrumentation and practices applied to the analysis of natural products and their complex mixtures, describing techniques for isolating and characterizing natural products. *Applies analytical techniques to natural products research – an area of critical importance to drug discovery *Offers a one-stop shop for most analytical methods: x-ray diffraction, NMR analysis, mass spectrometry, and chemical genetics *Includes coverage of natural products basics and highlights antibacterial research, particularly important as efforts to combat drug resistance gain prominence *Covers instrumental techniques with enough detail for both current practitioners and beginning researchers." (publisher's description)

Marine natural products

Dictionary of marine natural products
Web version. [New York?] : Chapman and Hall/CRC, 2008-
Stanford Libraries » Online resource » eResource
"Dictionary of Marine Natural Products" presents a comprehensive resource for more than 25,000 known natural products drawn from marine organisms.  This dictionary indexes each product by chemical name, CAS registry number, and compound type.  Documenting known marine natural products, each entry includes the biological source, chemical structure, physical properties, biological activity, and literature references for each compound. (publisher's description)
Handbook of marine natural products
Dordrecht ; New York : Springer, ©2012.
Stanford Libraries » Online resource » eResource
"This two volume reference work begins with a section that provides a taxonomic survey of the secondary metabolites of diverse marine life including microbes, algae, and invertebrates. This is followed by a demonstration of the techniques and strategies employed in modern structure elucidation of complex natural products. The natural roles of marine natural products are then explored in a series of focused chapters which include the topics of symbiosis, anti-predation and antifouling, chemical interactions, and defence against UV stress. Various routes which facilitate the understanding of marine natural product biosynthesis are subsequently explained and these are followed by an extensive set of chapters on the biomedical potential of marine natural products. The latter portion of this section considers the technologies and scientific disciplines necessary for advancing bioactive marine natural product lead compounds into actual pharmaceuticals. The reference work finishes with a selection of chapters describing marine toxins and their impact on public health and seafood resources." (publisher's description)