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Last Updated: 26-Sep-2012

This guide identifies organ resources in Stanford's collections as well as links to outside resources.

Printed organ music

Significant published sets

Nouvelle éd. / Paris : A. Leduc, c1971.
Music Library » Scores » M7 .A317 O2 1971 T.1
Wiesbaden, Breitkopf & Härtel 1969-1997.
Music Library » Scores » M7 .B11 W9 L8 V.1
Paris : Leduc, [2008], c1953.
Music Library » Scores » M11 .M58 L7 2008
Note: Messiaen's organ works are listed separately in SearchWorks.

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M 6 Miscellaneous collections
M 7 Collections of original compositions
M 8 Sonatas
M 8.5 Symphonies
M 9 Suites; variation forms (passacaglias, chaconnes, etc.)
M 10 Fugues with or without preludes
M 11 Pieces
M 12-13 Arrangements
M 14 Accompaniments for psalms, hymns, etc.
M 14.3 Liturgical music
M 14.4 Collections for special seasons and occasions
M 15-19 Reed organ music
M 180 Organ duets
M 182-186 Organ + one other instrument
M 1005 Organ with orchestra
M 1006 Organ with orchestra, orch. part arranged for piano
MT 180 Studies and exercises

Organ recordings

Recommended performances

West Germany : Erato, p1983.
Music Library » Recordings » MCD 1843
London : London, p1983.
Archive of Recorded Sound » Recordings » ACD 395
Seattle : Loft Recordings, [2001].
Music Library » Recordings » MCD 7317

Discographies in the Archive of Recorded Sound

Detroit : Information Coordinators, c1984.
Archive of Recorded Sound » Reference » ML156.4 .O6 K89 1984
July 1991 ed. Fleet, Hampshire, England : J. Huddleston, 1991.
Archive of Recorded Sound » Reference » ML156.4 .O6 H884 1991
Braintree, Mass. : Organ Literature Foundation, 1976.
Archive of Recorded Sound » Reference » ML156.4 .O6 R88

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Books and articles

For a thorough introduction to the subject, read the entry on organ in Grove Music online.

See a list of organ periodicals here.

In the reference room:

Portsmouth : Bardon Enterprises, 1996.
SAL3 (off-campus storage) » Stacks » ML128 .O6 H467 1996
Wiltshire, England : [s.n.], c1996.
SAL3 (off-campus storage) » Stacks » ML128 .O6 H46 1996
Lanham, Md. : Scarecrow Press, 2005.
Music Library » Reference » ML128 .O6 L34 2005
Kassel : Bärenreiter ; Stuttgart : Metzler, c2002.
Music Library » Reference » ML128 .O6 H36 2002

Browse organ books in the music stacks

ML 416 Biographies of organists
ML 424 Instrument manufacturers
ML 549-647 Organ construction; history; music and playing

Organs on YouTube

Robert Huw Morgan performs Benedictus Sit Deus Pater on Stanford's Tudor-style organ.

Robert Huw Morgan performs Bach's Preludium in C on Stanford's Fisk-Nanney organ.

Robert Huw Morgan performs Buxtehude's Praeludium in G minor on Stanford's Fisk-Nanney organ.

Frederick Hohman plays the Nutcracker (excerpt) on Stanford's Murray Harris organ.

Xaver Varnus plays Franck's Prelude, fugue et variation in concert on the great Cavaille-Coll Organ in Saint Sulpice in Paris (pt.1)  (view part 2 here)

Philadelphia's Wanamaker Organ flash mob: Hallelujah chorus.

Flame-throwing ceramic organ.