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All recent Kluwer/Springer books should be available online; search SearchWorks for paper and digital copies.

SEARCH THE ACADEMIC LITERATURE The Philosopher's Index Stanford only for monographs, anthologies, and articles in over 480 journals from 1940+ | what is Google Scholar? | other indexes, specialized and multidisciplinary such as Academic search premier Stanford only and Web of knowledge -- Arts & Humanities Citation Index Stanford only | philpapers online research in philosophy

 > ethics: Bioethics Research Library (Georgetown University) incl. selected bioethics resources | EthicShare (University of Minnesota)

ONLINE JOURNALS  search journal title in SearchWorks | journal backsets in JSTOR Stanford only, browse Philosophy | Google Scholar | philosophy of science preprints in PhilSci Archive


MODERN CRITICAL EDITIONS via Past Masters*Stanford only (some Philosophers in the Past Masters Collection do not have entries in the opening pull-down menu because they are included in the collection British Philosophers 1600-1900). Recently added: Foucault Oeuvres.

There are many other digital texts in:

QUOTATIONS:  Google; Bartlett's Familiar Quotations 1901 ed.; The Quotations Homepage

BIBLIOGRAPHY MANAGEMENT TOOLS citation tools compaison chart | SUL bibliography management | RefWorks Stanford only

SEARCH the Internet via WWW Virtual Library: Philosophy | Internet Public Library: Philosophy | Guide to Philosophy on the Internet (Suber) no longer updated

other indexes/abstracts

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The Philosopher's Index
The Philosopher’s Index is according to its publisher "the world’s premiere bibliography of scholarly works in philosophy. With publications originating from more than 139 countries, The Index currently has over 525,000 journal article and book citations. The coverage dates back to 1940 and includes print and electronic journals, books, anthologies, contributions to anthologies and book reviews".

Philosophy Reserach Index (Philosophy Documentation Center)
Articles, books, reviews, dissertations, and other documents in philosophy. "It uses the best available technology to increase bibliographic coverage of the known philosophical literature in several western languages. Coverage includes current and recent materials, as well as older literature back to the 15th century. The largest portion of this coverage is in English, but the databae contains listings of items in many other languages". Information

International philosophical bibliography = Répertoire bibliographique de la philosophie

Dissertation Abstracts Borrow theses not owned by Stanford on Interlibrary loan.

Arts & Humanities Citation Index. Use its title/keyword search option to find book reviews.

Poiesis Philosophy Online Serials.

Bioethics Research Library (Georgetown University):

  • ETHXWeb  Citations to literature on bioethics and professional ethics.
  • GenETHX  Citations to literature on ethics and public policy issues in genetics.


Cuturomics; "Quantitative Analysis of Culture Using Millions of Digitized Books" (Science)

books in the information center

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Individual Philosophers and Surveys: biography, explication, bibliography

Routledge history of philosophy, 1993-. Volumes include:

Other sets and single volume reference works


Search fulltext of all authors & works in the Past Masters Collection

Print Compendia: in Socrates search on philosopher's names and keywords "concordances" or "index" or "quotations", e.g., subject headings look like:

Tanner and Green Cooperation

Tanner Library and Green Library first experimented sharing journal subscriptions in 2007
What this means:

  1. SUL places a single online + print subscription
  2. the print copy sent to Tanner Library for shelving
  3. and the payment shared 50%/50% between PHILOSOPHY and one of the two TANNER funds (in the Philosophy dept fund series)
  4. volumes transfered from Tanner to SAL3 depending on space in Tanner

This arrangement appears to be successful. After straightening out some initial glitches no issues have arisen that have been brought to our attention by users. In 2009 the arrangement was expanded to additional titles (working list attached). In 2012 adjustments were made after some unusually large subscription increases were experienced.