The Rhetoric of Gaming

PWR 1CA - Winter 2015 - Instructor: Alfano, C.

 A guide to resources for PWR 1CA: The Rhetoric of Gaming. Topics include how gameplay in a variety of genres operates as argument about cultural values and how games function as sites of community building, social networking, and learning. 

Video game titles from SearchWorks

This dynamic list includes all items in the Call Number Range GV1469.3 -- which is the call number for video game related items. Newly acquired items will automatically get added to the top of the list.

  1. Celia Hodent. 2018

  2. edited by Robert Mejia, Jaime Banks, Aubrie Adams. 2017

  3. edited by Antero Garcia and Greg Niemeyer. 2017

  4. Andrew Ervin. 2017

  5. Jason Schreier. 2017

  6. Jonathan Hennessey ; art by Jack McGowan ; coloring by William Smith IV and Jason Wordie, with additional colors by Dan Blaushild ; lettering by Tom Orzechowski. 2017

  7. Riccardo Fassone. 2017

  8. edited by Melanie Swalwell, Helen Stuckey and Angela Ndalianis. 2017

Social aspects of video games

Dynamic list of books and other items in the Stanford Libraries' collections about the Social Aspects of Video Games. Items will appear in the list as they are added to SearchWorks, with newest items at the top of the list.

  1. Sinem Siyahhan and Elisabeth Gee.. 2018

  2. Alfie Bown. 2018

  3. Steve Holmes. 2018

  4. Allegra Goodman. 2017