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Teaching and teacher education

This guide is for those interested in teaching and teacher education, both research and practice.

Background information

Second edition.
Education Library (Cubberley) » Stacks » LB1060 .H34575 2017
Westport, Conn. : Praeger Publishers, 2007.
Education Library (Cubberley) » Reference » LB1139.23 .E272 2007 V.1
"a compilation of understandings, controversies, theories, policies, and practices in early childhood education as currently found in the United States and 10 other nations around the world." Vols. 1-3 contain an A to Z listing of articles with suggested readings, while vol. 4 covers other countries.
1st ed. Scottsdale, AZ : Great Potential Press, c2006.
Education Library (Cubberley) » Stacks » LC3993.9 .D383 2006
Designed for teachers and parents, this book "describes cornerstone components of today's school programs for gifted and talented students."
Los Angeles : Sage Publications, c2012.
Education Library (Cubberley) » Stacks » LB2331 .H3148 2012
Hershey, PA : Information Science Reference, c2010.
Education Library (Cubberley) » Stacks » LC5803 .C65 H365 2010
"Hybrid learning is the single greatest trend in education today, due to numerous educational advantages when both traditional classroom learning and e-learning are implemented collectively."
3rd ed. Arlington, Va. : Educational Research Service, c2004.
SAL3 (off-campus storage) » Stacks » LB1062.6 .H36 2004
3rd ed. / New York : Routledge, 2008.
Education Library (Cubberley) » Stacks » LB1715 .H274 2008
"Beyond simply conceptualizing the broad landscape of teacher education and providing comprehensive reviews of the latest research for major domains of practice, this edition aims to: stimulate a broad conversation about foundational issues; bring multiple perspectives to bear, including historical perspectives; provide new specificity to topics that have been undifferentiated in the past; and include diverse voices in the conversation."
4th ed. Washington, D.C. : American Educational Research Association., 2001.
Education Library (Cubberley) » Stacks » LB1028 .H315 2001
New York ; London : Springer, 2009.
Stanford Libraries » Online resource » eResource
Maidenhead : Open University Press, 2004.
Education Library (Cubberley) » Stacks » LB1731 .I68 2004
8th ed. Boston, Mass. : Allyn & Bacon, c2010.
Education Library (Cubberley) » Stacks » LC1099.3 .T54 2010
Westport, Conn. : Praeger, 2007.
Education Library (Cubberley) » Stacks » LC2669 .P73 2007 V.1
"A-Z thematic entries written by contemporary scholars" "including major educational perspectives, policies and concerns, significant events, historical figures in the field, and major organizations--provides a comprehensive educational resource..."
Westport, Conn. : Praeger, 2006.
Education Library (Cubberley) » Reference » LB1060 .P683 2006 V.1
"Classroom teachers will find this book helpful because it not only validates much of their teaching through research-based instructional strategies, but also adds to their stockpile of strategies. (p.xx)"
Chicago : University of Chicago Press, 1989-
Education Library (Cubberley) » Reference » LB1771 .W6 ED.83 2018/2019
"provides much-needed current information on certification requirements for all fifty states and the District of Columbia."
London ; New York : Routledge, 2012.
Education Library (Cubberley) » Stacks » LB1025.3 .R68 2012
"The Handbook brings together authors (experienced researchers in their own right) from eighteen different countries across seven continents. The ten themes under which their work is grouped represent critical dimensions of teacher and school development."
London ; Thousand Oaks, Calif. : SAGE, 2012.
Education Library (Cubberley) » Stacks » LB1731.4 .S24 2012
Los Angeles : SAGE Publications, c2008.
Education Library (Cubberley) » Reference » LA210 .A15 2008 V.1
"This Handbook is a leading source of ideas and information. It covers national and international research on schools, higher education, and disciplines withing and beyond education."

New books

Second edition
Education Library (Cubberley) » Stacks » H62 .S4774 2020
1re édition.
Education Library (Cubberley) » Stacks » LB1776.4 .F8 R63 2018
Education Library (Cubberley) » Stacks » LB2833.2 .Z36 2019
Education Library (Cubberley) » Stacks » LB2326 .J66 2019
Education Library (Cubberley) » Stacks » LA209.2 .T35 2019
Education Library (Cubberley) » Stacks » LB1737 .U6 T37 2020
Education Library (Cubberley) » Stacks » LB1027.23 .H367 2019
Third edition (revised edition).
Education Library (Cubberley) » Stacks » LB1027.23 .N37 2020


[Washington, Association of Teacher Educators]
SAL3 (off-campus storage) » Stacks » LB1715 .A235 V.36 2014
"Action in Teacher Education serves as a forum for the exchange of information and ideas related to the improvement of teacher education at all levels. Journal articles focus upon concepts, practices, and research that have implications and applicability for practitioners involved with teacher education."
[Washington, American Federation of Teachers]
Education Library (Cubberley) » Reading Room
[Wheaton, MD, etc., Association for Childhood Education International]
SAL3 (off-campus storage) » Stacks » 370.5 .C538 V.87 2010/2011
Dordrecht, Holland, D. Reidel Pub. Co.
SAL3 (off-campus storage) » Stacks » 370.5 .E2767 V.69 2008
Champaign, Ill., National Council of Teachers of English.
Education Library (Cubberley) » Stacks » 370.5 .E57 V.51 2018/2019
[Urbana, Ill., etc., National Council of Teachers of English, etc.]
Education Library (Cubberley) » Stacks » 370.5 .E58 V.108 2018/2019
Montreal : FLM Pub. Co., 1980-
Education Library (Cubberley) » Reading Room
Los Altos, Calif. : The Center, c1991-2004.
SAL3 (off-campus storage) » Stacks » RJ101 .F88 V.16 NO.1 2006
Amsterdam ; New York : Elsevier Science.
Stanford Libraries » Online resource » eResource
New York, John Wiley.
SAL3 (off-campus storage) » Stacks » 370.5 .J896 V.47:NO.6-10 2010
Auburn, AL : AETS, c1989-
Education Library (Cubberley) » Stacks » Q181 .A1 J68 V.19 2008
[Washington], [American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education]
SAL3 (off-campus storage) » Stacks » 370.5 .J899 V.58 2007
Hillsdale, NJ : Lawrence Erlbaum Associates,
Education Library (Cubberley) » Reading Room
Oxford ; New York : Pergamon Press, 1991-
SAL3 (off-campus storage) » Stacks » LB1025 .L437 V.19 2009
Reston, Va. : National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, 1908-
Education Library (Cubberley) » Reading Room
[Urbana, Ill., etc., National Council of Teachers of English]
Education Library (Cubberley) » Stacks
Philadelphia, Pa. : McKinley Pub. Co., 1953-
SAL3 (off-campus storage) » Stacks » 370.5 .S679 V.100 2009
Muncie, Ind., Ball State University.
SAL3 (off-campus storage) » Stacks » 370.5 .T255 V.43:NO.1-3 2008
[Washington, D.C. : Editorial Projects in Education], 1989-
SAL3 (off-campus storage) » For use in Green Library » L11 .T62 V.17 2005/2006
Abingdon (PO Box 25, Abingdon, Oxfordshire, OX14 3UE) : Carfax, 1995-
Education Library (Cubberley) » Reading Room
New York, The Columbia University Press [1900-
SAL3 (off-campus storage) » Stacks » 370.5 .T26 V.1 1900
Oxford ; New York : Pergamon, c1985-
Education Library (Cubberley) » Stacks » LB1715 .T47 V.10 1994
Education Library (Cubberley) » Stacks » 370.5 .A692 V.25 2018/2019
Columbia, S.C. : The University, c1987-
Education Library (Cubberley) » Reading Room
Washington, D.C. : National Association for the Education of Young Children, c2002-
Education Library (Cubberley) » Reading Room


Education databases

[Washington, DC : National Library of Education?, 199?-
Stanford Libraries » Online resource » eResource
Bibliographic database of educational resources including articles, reports, and curriculum.
[Bronx, N.Y.] : H.W. Wilson Co.
Stanford Libraries » Online resource » eResource
Indexes and abstracts articles of English-language periodicals and books on education from 1983 on. Abstracting coverage begins with January 1994. Full-text coverage begins in January 1996 and is available for over half the 600 journals indexed.
Bethesda, MD : Editorial Projects in Education, Inc.
Stanford Libraries » Online resource » eResource
Birmingham, AL : Teachers College Record
Stanford Libraries » Online resource » eResource
"Teachers College Record Book Reviews provides comprehensive reviews of the leading books in education and educational research by major scholars in these fields. "