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Find printed music General referenceMusic
Research is like cooking (video) Basic researchGeneral reference
Find books Basic researchGeneral reference
Automotive engineering Automotive engineering
Organ MusicInstrumental musicMusical instruments
Opera MusicVoiceOpera
Find statistics Basic researchDataGeneral reference
Find dissertations and theses Basic researchGeneral reference
Energy information Earth sciencesEnergy resource engineering
Find images General and interdisciplinaryImagesHistoryArtScience and engineering
Find technical reports (earth and environmental sciences) Earth sciencesEnvironmental studies
Film studies: Basic literature ArtFilm and media studies
Find journal abbreviations General referenceBasic research
Artists' books Rare booksArtArt history
Race and ethnicity Race and ethnicity studies
Energy resources geospatial data Energy resource engineeringGeographic Information Systems
Chinese art: Traditional ArtArt historyAsian studiesChinese studies
Photography ArtArt historyPhotography
Songs and singing MusicVoice
Bay Area music ethnography resources MusicEthnomusicology
Stanford University athletics Manuscripts and archivesStanford history
Dance DanceTheater and drama
Tel Aviv history Jewish studiesJudaicaHebraica
Oil and gas maps Energy resource engineeringMaps
Aircraft materials and avionics Aeronautics and astronautics
Aeronautics and astronautics Aeronautics and astronautics
Electrical engineering Electrical engineering
Holocaust studies Jewish studiesJudaicaHebraicaHistory
Japanese e-resources Japanese studies
Psychology - general Psychology
Concrete and cement Civil engineering
United States history HistoryAmerican history
Earthquake resources for civil engineers Civil engineering
Civil engineering resources Civil engineering
Environmental engineering resources Environmental engineeringEnvironmental studies
Materials science and engineering resources Materials science and engineering
Geothermal engineering resources Energy resource engineeringEnvironmental engineering
Russia and Eurasia: find articles Central Asian historyRussian historyUkrainian historyRussian literatureCentral Asian studiesSlavic and Eastern European studiesRussian studiesUkrainian studies
Management science and engineering (MS&E) Management science and engineering
Green building resources Civil engineeringEnvironmental engineering
Nano ChemistryNanoscience and nanotechnologyChemical engineeringMaterials science and engineering
Asian-American history American historyAsian American studies
Working papers, technical reports, case studies Management science and engineering
Animation Film and media studies
Patents ChemistryEngineering
Physical properties of materials Materials science and engineeringMechanical designMechanical engineering
Affective science (psychology) PsychologyAffective sciences
Agriculture and landuse Agriculture, forestry, and wildlife
Bioengineering EngineeringBioengineering
French history French historyCaribbean studiesFrench studies
Water and wastewater resources Earth systemsEnvironmental engineering
Cognitive psychology PsychologyCognition
Developmental psychology PsychologyDevelopmental psychology
Neuroscience (psychology) PsychologyNeuroscience (psychology)
Social psychology PsychologySocial psychology
Medical device design and regulation BioengineeringMaterials science and engineeringMechanical designMedicine and health
Science and engineering technical reports Engineering
Commercial product information Industrial engineeringManagement science and engineering
Computer science Computer science
African-American history American historyAfrican American studies
Stanford University architecture Manuscripts and archivesStanford history
Amateur (HAM) radio Engineering
American art: Before 1900 American historyArtArt history
Theater and performance studies Theater and drama
Jewish Studies resources Jewish studiesJudaicaHebraicaImagesManuscripts and archivesRare booksReligious studiesLanguage and linguisticsHistory
Avant-garde films Film and media studies
Documentary films Film and media studies
Television studies, television news Film and media studies
Sociology Sociology
Chinese biographies Chinese studies
Anthropology Anthropology
Career resources for chemists and chemical engineers ChemistryChemical engineering
Chemical engineering Chemical engineering
Chemical engineering resources for students Chemical engineering
Inorganic chemistry ChemistryInorganic chemistry
Organic chemistry ChemistryOrganic chemistry
Physical chemistry ChemistryPhysical chemistry
Physical properties for chemists and chemical engineers ChemistryChemical engineering
Polymer science and engineering ChemistryPolymer science and engineeringChemical engineering
Science and technology news ChemistryChemical engineering
Mobile apps for chemists and chemical engineers ChemistryChemical engineering
Geologic maps GeologyMaps
Topographic maps Earth sciencesMapsEnvironmental studies
Feminism and contemporary art ArtArt philosophyArt historyFeminist studies
Analytical chemistry ChemistryAnalytical chemistry
Mathematics and statistics Mathematics and statistics
History of the arts at Stanford Manuscripts and archivesStanford history
Grants and funding for science & engineering Aquatic studiesBiologyChemistryEarth sciencesEngineeringEnvironmental studiesMathematics and statisticsPhysics and astronomy
American art: 1900 to present American historyArtArt history
Yiddish Jewish studiesJudaicaHebraica
Korean e-resources Korean studies
Soviet military topographic map sets Maps
Israeli art Jewish studiesJudaicaHebraicaArtArt history
Colonial/Revolutionary history
Geophysics Geophysics
Native American history American historyNative American studies
Design ArtDesignArt historyAdvertising and mediaMechanical designMechanical engineeringCommunication and journalism
Geochemistry Geochemistry
Urban studies Human GeographyGovernment informationPopulation studiesPublic opinionPublic policySociology
Earth science data repositories Earth sciences
African film African studies
Mechanical engineering Mechanical designMechanical engineering
Standards Engineering
Musicals MusicMusical theater
Russia, East Central Europe and Eurasia: Transliteration & computer setup Central Asian historyRussian historyUkrainian historyRussian literatureCentral Asian studiesSlavic and Eastern European studiesRussian studiesUkrainian studies
Government information (Jonsson) Foreign government informationInternational government organizationsLocal government informationState government informationUS federal government information
Women in science BiologyChemistryEarth sciencesEngineeringMathematics and statisticsPhysics and astronomy
Working with citations General reference
Conceptual art ArtArt philosophyArt history
Chinese art: Modern and contemporary ArtArt historyAsian studiesChinese studies
Art history: Beginning research ArtArt history
East Central Europe: Find articles East European historySlavic and Eastern European studiesPolish studies
Feminist studies Feminist studies
Jazz MusicJazz
Find articles Basic researchGeneral reference
Italian history ClassicsAncient Greek and Roman cultureMedieval studiesItalian literary studies
Stanford University oral history Digital collectionsManuscripts and archivesSound recordingsStanford history
Music business and industry MusicEconomics and business
Piano MusicInstrumental musicMusical instruments
French literature Language and linguisticsFrench literary studiesCaribbean studiesFrench studies
Gustave Gimon Collection on French Political Economy Fellowship - Call for Proposals French studiesFrench historyEconomics and business
Visual History Archive: Testimonies of Holocaust survivors and other witnesses Chinese studiesEast Asian studiesLatin American studiesJewish studiesManuscripts and archivesHistoryAfrican history
Find Chinese materials in SearchWorks Chinese studies
Italian literature ClassicsAncient Greek and Roman cultureItalian historyItalian literary studiesItalian studies
Italian politics and political history/government documents Italian historyInternational government organizationsPolitical scienceInternational organizationsInternational relations and politicsPublic opinionPublic policy
Adult education Education
Elementary education Education
Children's books (new) -- elementary level Children's literature
Children's books -- middle school level Children's literature
Children's & young adult books -- awards Children's literatureEducation
Children's books -- special collections Children's literatureEducation
African education African studiesEducation
Alternative education Education
Asian education Asian studiesEducation
Science education Education
Assessment in education EducationDevelopmental psychology
Find online reference General reference
Arts in education Theater and dramaArtDanceEducation
Anthropology of education AnthropologyEducation
History and social science education HistoryEducation
Character education Education
Child development EducationDevelopmental psychology
Children's literature Children's literatureEducation
School violence EducationPsychology
Classroom management EducationPsychology
Creativity and education Education
Curriculum studies Education
Discrimination and equal education Education
Early childhood education Education
Economics of education Economics and businessEducation
Education policy EducationPolitical science
Education research Education
Education and psychology EducationPsychology
General biology Biology
Environmental education Environmental educationEducation
African Americans and education EducationRace and ethnicity studies
Catholic education and students Religious studiesEducation
European education Education
Gender and education EducationFeminist studies
Guidance and counseling (education) EducationPsychology
Higher education Education
History of education HistoryEducation
Indigenous peoples and education Native American studiesEducationRace and ethnicity studies
International comparative education Education
Education law EducationLaw
Giftedness and education Education
Islamic education and Muslims Islam and Islamic Middle East studiesEducation
Jewish education Jewish studiesEducation
Religion and education Religious studiesEducation
English and language arts education Education
Music in education MusicEducation
Mathematics education Mathematics and statisticsEducation
Latin American education Latin American studiesEducation
Latinx and education Chicana/o studiesEducation
Leadership in education Education
LGBTQ and education EducationLGBT studies
Biodiversity BiologyEarth sciencesClimate and weatherGlobal ecology
Literacy Education
Motivation and education EducationPsychology
Multicultural education EducationRace and ethnicity studies
Neurosciences and learning EducationNeuroscience (psychology)
Qualitative research in education Education
Quantitative research in education Education
Gazetteers Maps
Sanborn fire insurance maps Maps
School and community Education
Asian Americans and education EducationRace and ethnicity studies
School and education reform Education
Second language learning Education
Cell biology BiologyGeneticsMolecular and cellular biologyBiochemistryBioengineeringMedicine and health
Social justice and education Education
Sociology of education EducationSociology
Special needs education Education
Music research essentials MusicMusic history
Teaching and teacher education Education
Technology and education Education
Developmental biology BiologyDevelopmental biologyMedicine and health
Urban education Education
Vocational education Education
World languages education Education
Ecology Agriculture, forestry, and wildlifeBiologyToxicology and chemical safetyEarth sciencesEnvironmental studies
Philosophy of education PhilosophyEducation
India and education South Asian studiesEducation
Wetlands and aquatic environments Aquatic studiesMarine biologyBiologyEnvironmental studies
Immigrant and migrant education Education
Decennial Census Manuscript resources American historyLocal government informationState government informationUS federal government information
Sleep science BiologyNeuroscience
Population biology BiologyPopulation studies (Biology)
Nucleic acid analysis BiologyGeneticsMolecular and cellular biology
Neurobiology BiologyNeuroscienceMedicine and healthNeuroscience (psychology)
Microbiology BiologyMolecular and cellular biologyMedicine and health
Muybridge (Eadweard) ImagesManuscripts and archivesStanford historyAmerican historyPhotography
Evolutionary biology BiologyGeneticsPopulation studies (Biology)
Insect biology Agriculture, forestry, and wildlifeBiologyGlobal ecology
Genetics and genomics BiologyDevelopmental biologyGeneticsMolecular and cellular biologyPopulation studies (Biology)
Architectural construction and design ArchitectureCivil engineering
Stanford family genealogy Manuscripts and archivesStanford history
Lathrop family genealogy Manuscripts and archivesStanford history
Popular music MusicPopular music
Music of the 20th century MusicMusic history
Beethoven MusicComposers
Lab safety Toxicology and chemical safetyChemistryChemical engineering
Sound recordings Music
Entrepreneurship resources Computer industryManagement science and engineeringEconomics and business
Music before 1500 MusicMusic historyMusic theory
Elections United States American studiesAmerican historyPolitical science
Summer Program logistics General reference
East Asian studies Asian studiesChinese studiesKorean studiesJapanese studiesEast Asian studies
Medicinal and biological chemistry ChemistryBiochemistry
Southeast Asian studies Southeast Asian studies
Find newspapers/newspaper articles General reference
Putting content on e-readers Digital collections
Russia and Eurasia: find news Central Asian historyRussian historyUkrainian historyRussian literatureCentral Asian studiesSlavic and Eastern European studiesRussian studiesUkrainian studies
Wordless picturebooks Children's literature
Reading instruction Education
Writing instruction Education
Russia and Eurasia: find statistics, geographical information and maps Central Asian historyRussian historyUkrainian historyCentral Asian studiesSlavic and Eastern European studiesRussian studiesUkrainian studiesGeographyMaps
East Central Europe: Find news East European historySlavic and Eastern European studiesPolish studies
East Central Europe: Find statistics, geographical information and maps East European historySlavic and Eastern European studiesPolish studiesGeographyMaps
Russia and Eurasia: find primary sources Russian historyUkrainian historyRussian literatureCentral Asian studiesSlavic and Eastern European studiesRussian studiesUkrainian studies
Find info about Stanford people General referenceManuscripts and archivesStanford history
East Central Europe: Find primary sources East European historySlavic and Eastern European studiesPolish studies
Baltic studies East European historyBaltic history
Russian literature Russian literatureSlavic and Eastern European studiesRussian studies
Chemistry resources for students Chemistry
Journalism Communication and journalism
Road maps Maps
Pop-up and movable books Children's literature
Latin American studies Latin American studies
Find rare maps online Rare mapsGeographyMaps
Music of the 16th & 17th centuries MusicMusic history
What's cooking at the UN? Cookbooks, food programs and policies of the United Nations International government organizationsInternational relations and politicsPublic policy
Mass spectrometry ChemistryAnalytical chemistry
Sci-tech: Public outreach ChemistryChemical engineering
Sci-tech: Ethics, IP, and data ChemistryChemical engineering
Sci-tech: Grammar and style ChemistryChemical engineering
Sci-tech: Scholarly publishing ChemistryChemical engineering
Sci-tech: Written communication ChemistryChemical engineering
Sci-tech: Visual communication ChemistryChemical engineering
Sci-tech: Oral presentations ChemistryChemical engineering
Sci-tech: Multimedia presentations ChemistryChemical engineering
Sci-tech: Communication ChemistryChemical engineering
John Speed and John Ogilby, 15-16th century cartographers Rare mapsMaps
China solar industry innovation Energy resource engineering
Technology in higher education teaching Education
Music research with dictionaries and encyclopedias Music
Cookbooks: Jewish and more Jewish studiesJudaicaHebraicaAmerican historyFood
African-American students at Stanford University Manuscripts and archivesStanford historyAfrican American studiesRace and ethnicity studies
Children's books by or about Native Americans Children's literatureNative American studies
Children's books with an Asian theme Asian studiesChildren's literature
Children's books by or about Asian Americans Children's literatureAsian American studies
Children's books with a Latin American theme Latin American studiesChildren's literature
Children's books by or about Latinx and Hispanic Americans Children's literatureChicana/o studies
Young adult literature Children's literature
Children's books with an Islamic theme Islam and Islamic Middle East studiesChildren's literature
Children's books with a Jewish theme Jewish studiesChildren's literature
Spanish and Spanish/English children's books Latin American studiesIberian Peninsula studiesChildren's literature
Children's books with an African theme African studiesAfrican literatureChildren's literature
Children's books about women Children's literatureFeminist studies
Children's books with a musical theme Children's literatureMusic
African news African studies
Fantasy for children and young adults Children's literature
Poetry for children and young adults Children's literature
Getting started
Chinese contemporary music MusicMusic historyChinese studies
Geographic atlases Rare mapsGeographyMaps
Graphic novels and education Children's literatureEducation
SearchWorks catalog basics: Searching the library catalog Basic research
Linguistics Language and linguistics
Food policy FoodAgriculture, forestry, and wildlifeEarth sciencesLand use
Software help for engineers Computers and computingComputer scienceSoftwareEngineeringMathematics and statistics
Statistical analysis resources EngineeringMathematics and statistics
Fairy tales, fables, folklore and trickster tales Children's literature
Gustave Gimon Collection on French Political Economy French studiesFrench historyEconomics and businessPolitical science
Latin American & Iberian literatures Iberian Peninsula studies
Chemistry & chemical engineering (general) ChemistryChemical engineering
Mysteries for children and young adults Children's literature
Protests and demonstrations American historyCommunication and journalismPublic opinionRace and ethnicity studies
Electronic resources for Chinese studies Chinese studies
Gaihozu: Japanese imperial maps Digital collectionsRare booksChinese studiesEast Asian studiesJapanese studiesKorean studiesGeographyMaps
Immigration in Italian film Film and media studiesItalian historyIslam and Islamic Middle East studiesItalian studiesRace and ethnicity studies
CISAC Honors Program Research Resources Economics and businessForeign government informationInternational government organizationsInternational relations and politics
Children's books about the arts Children's literatureTheater and dramaArtDance
Civic education EducationPolitical science
UN Day 2015, the UN at 70 International government organizationsInternational organizationsInternational relations and politics
Alphabet books Children's literature
Horror for children and young adults Children's literature
Warren Heckrotte gold rush maps Rare mapsWestern AmericanaGeologyMapsState government informationUS federal government information
Science fiction for children and young adults Children's literature
Critical pedagogy Education
Language and education Language and linguisticsEducation
Maps to the masses Rare mapsMaps
Diversity in education EducationLGBT studiesRace and ethnicity studies
CHEM-H undergraduate scholars BiologyChemistryChemical engineeringMedicine and health
Catalysis ChemistryChemical engineering
Keep current with journal literature ChemistryChemical engineering
Easy readers and early chapter books Children's literature
Mobile apps for biology Biology
Mobile apps for mathematics and statistics Mathematics and statistics
Find journals : Info for chemists and chemical engineers ChemistryChemical engineering
CAS Group Chemistry
Guide for new users of the Science Library ChemistryChemical engineering
Methods and protocols BiologyChemistry
Expanding engineering limits - culture, diversity, and gender EngineeringSociologyFeminist studies
Race, ethnicity and education EducationRace and ethnicity studies
Chemical demonstrations Chemistry
Qualitative research Social sciences
Natural products BiologyChemistryChemical engineering
SearchWorks articles+ Basic researchGeneral reference
Chinese NPO: Government policies 1988-2016 Chinese studies
Children's books -- 3rd to 5th grade Children's literature
Children's books -- pre-kindergarten to 2nd grade Children's literature
Chinese NPO: Importance conferences held in China 1998-2016 (under construction) Chinese studies
Portuguese language children's books Children's literature
Chinese NPO: Major events 1989-2016 Chinese studies
County atlases Rare mapsGeographyMaps
Bilingual children's books Children's literature
Nineteenth-century landscape views Rare mapsAmerican historyArt historyPaintingGeographyMaps
Thematic maps: Civil War & fire insurance Rare mapsAmerican historyGeographyMaps
Valentine's Day resources for science lovers BiologyChemistry
Myths and legends for children and young adults Children's literature
Education in the Middle East Islam and Islamic Middle East studiesJewish studiesEducation
Higher education teaching Education
Stanford Votes! Get registered and vote Local government informationState government informationUS federal government informationLaw
Asian religions Asian studiesCentral Asian studiesChinese studiesSouth Asian studiesSoutheast Asian studiesKorean studiesJapanese studiesEast Asian studiesReligious studies
Children's books about writers Children's literature
Preprints BiologyChemistryEarth sciencesPhysics and astronomy
Japanese maps Rare maps
Early Chinese-Americans at Stanford Chinese studiesDigital collectionsManuscripts and archivesStanford history
Satellite imagery DataEarth sciencesGeographic Information SystemsEnvironmental studies