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travel guides

The Info Center has guides classed either with the history of the country/place in question (classes D, E & F); in the GV1000 class; or in N6000-7000 & NA (art & architecture). Many more travel guides are shelved in Green Stacks. Subject headings are not uniform; try the location and "guidebooks": Arizona guidebooks; Bali guidebooks

some reference books

Most volumes in the World bibliographical series include chapters on "discovery and exploration," and most of the 125+ volumes to date are shelved in the Information Center, Green Library.

new world

  • America in Maps dating from 1500-1856, G1100.A45 1976 ff Lane Rm Atlas Collection. Facsimiles.
  • The Christopher Columbus Encyclopedia. 2 vols. 1992. E111.O774.
  • America: Early Maps of the New World. 1992. E178.5.A431.
  • Early Printed maps of Canada. 1540-1703. 1993. Z6027.C21.K47.
  • Atlas of Columbus and the Great Discoveries. 1990. G1100.N43.
  • Who's Who in Pacific Navigation. 1991. DU19.D78.
  • Rolling Rivers: an encyclopedia of America's rivers. 1984. GB1215.R64.
  • The Exploration of South America: an annotated bibliography. 1983. Z1212.G66.
  • Legends & Lore of the Americas before 1492: An Encyclopedia of Visitors, Explorers, and Immigrants. 1993. E61.A72.
  • Early Printed Maps of Canada 1540-1703. 1993. Z6027.C21.K47.
  • Atlas of the Historical Geography of the U.S. G1201.S1P3. Sect: "Explorations of the Southwest;" "Cartography."
  • The Frontier Experience: a reader's guide. 1984. Z1251.W5.F76.
  • Travels in the Old South. 2 vols. Z1251.S7.C4.
  • Travels in the New South. 2 vols. Z1251.S7.C38.
  • Overland Passages: A Guide to Overland Documents in the Oregon Historical Society. 1992. Z1251.W5094.

There are works on specific nationalities and ethnic groups, e.g.:

  • The Spanish in America 1513-: a chronology and factbook. 1980. E123.N37.
  • Hispanic Experience in North America: sources... 1992. E184.S7.
  • A Tentative Guide to Historical Materials on the Spanish Borderlands. 1943. Z1251.S8.S8.
  • Russian America: 16th-18th centuries. 1943. Z1207.Y3.
  • The French in North America. 1957. Z1361.F8.B4.
  • The Scandinavians in America 986-. E184.S18.F87.
  • Blacks in America 1492-. E185.S57. Useful for names and dates of black explorers. 1991. E185.H64. Useful for names and dates of black explorers.
  • Also see the various general historical atlases (G1030 DESK), and also regional (e.g., Atlas historico de America, 2 vols., 1968, G1541.S2.C6) and national atlases (listed in Native American Reference Works in Green Library, section B.3.).

women explorers

  • Women into the Unknown: a sourcebook on women explorers and travelers. 1989. G200.T55.
  • Wayward Women: a guide to women travellers. 1990. Z6011.R65.


No Guts, No Glory: Stanford Alpine Club Exhibit
Peakware World Mountain Encyclopedia | Highest Peaks from Peakware

  • Standard Encyclopedia of the World's Mountains. 1962. GB501.H8.
  • Encyclopaedia of Mountaineering. 1992. GV199.85.U57.
  • Classics in the Literature of Mountaineering & Mountain Travel. 1988. Z6016.N7.C69.
  • Climber's and Hiker's Guide to the World's Mountains. 3rd ed. 1990. GV200.K44.

sailing & sinking

  • Oxford Companion to Ships & the Sea. 1976. V23.O9. Browse other reference books in the V classification.
  • Atlas of Maritime History. 1986. G1059.N3.
  • Atlas of Treasure Maps. 1957. G1101.E75.C6 f.
  • Shipwrecks & Disasters at Sea to 1860. Z6016.S55.
  • Shipwrecks in the Americas. 1983. VK1250.M36.
  • Unfinished Voyages: Western Australian shipwrecks 1622-1850. VK1291.W3.H45.
  • Dictionary of Disasters at Sea During the Age of Steam 1824-1962. 2 vols. VK1250.H6.
  • The Pirates Who's Who. 1924. G35.G5. No bibliography.
  • Periplus: the early history of charts and sailing directions. 1897. G1025.N73 1897a ff.
  • Tabularum geographicarum Lusitanorum Specimen. 1960. G1025.C62 ff. Early Portuguese nautical charts.
  • Books of the Sea: An introduction to nautical literature. 1943. Z6004.P6.L34.
  • Atlantic Ocean, "History" section pp. 3-57. 1985. Z6005.A78.K5.

polar regions

  • Chronological List of Antarctic Expeditions and Related Historical Events. 1989. G860.H36.
  • Dictionary Catalog of the Stefansson Collection... 8 vols. 1967. Z6005.P7.D3f.
  • The Arctic. 1989. Z6005.P67.K56.
  • Arctic Exploration and Development ... Encyclopedia. 1994. G606.H66.
  • Greenland / Kenneth E. Miller, compiler. Green Library Gen Ref Z6005.P7 M48 1991. "Explorations," p.6-19.

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