434 Galvez Mall, Stanford, CA 94305


The Reading Room is on the courtyard level of the Herbert Hoover Memorial Building (between Hoover Tower and Encina Hall). The entrance is above, on the first floor, facing the Lou Henry Hoover Building.


The Reading Room is accessible by a ramp from Crothers Way (between the Herbert Hoover Memorial Building and Green Library) and then an elevator at the entrance of the Herbert Hoover Memorial Building.


Founded in 1919 by Herbert Hoover, the library and archives are among the world’s most important repositories for unique archival materials and rare publications on political, social, and economic change in the modern era.

Retrievals should be placed in advance through an Aeon account with a scheduled date of use. Users are encouraged to submit requests at least seven days in advance, as not all material is immediately available. Users may check their Aeon account to find out when material is available and on hold for use. 

The Hoover Archives specializes primarily in unpublished materials (personal papers, sound recordings, posters, etc.). Particularly strong are the holdings on Russia and the Soviet Union, Central and Eastern Europe, China, political and ideological movements, and the broadcast collections of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty and the Firing Line television program.

The Hoover Library is the Institution's repository for published books, serials, newspapers, and government documents. (Both the Library and Archives have pamphlets). The Library has particularly strong holdings on the Russian Revolution and the Soviet Union, Russian emigres, the world wars, the Paris Peace Conference, the League of Nations, and political and ideological movements of the 20th century.