Maker Bar

About the Maker Bar

The Maker Bar program consists of several maker kits available for hands-on tinkering and prototyping. The equipment can be used at the library, or in some cases, can be checked out and used at your home or other workspace. Your prototyping and tinkering can now be done wherever and whenever you prefer. Hand carts are available to help you transport the kits back to your workspace and the kits are small enough to easily fit into the trunk of your car. Remote and onsite tech support and prototyping consultation are also available.

How to submit your checkout request

  1. Take the EHS-4200-WEB safety class (a one-time requirement). You will later be asked to provide a photo of your completion confirmation when you submit your equipment request.

  2. Take the EHS-2470 Covid-19 hygiene best practices course (a one-time requirement). You will later be asked to confirm with with a digital signature that you completed this course when you submit your equipment request.

  3. Read and agree to the liability waiver. You will later be asked to bring a signed copy of the agreement on the day you schedule to pick up your equipment.

  4. Submit your equipment request (SUNet ID Required)

  5. Library staff will contact you to arrange a pickup date and time.

  6. Complete the Stanford Health Check prior to each time you visit campus to pick-up or drop-off equipment.

  7. Attend an introductory video set up consultation with our staff if you are checking out a 3D printer. During this training session, you will learn how to configure the 3D printer and set it up safely at your workspace.