Endowed funds

The Music Library is very fortunate to have several endowed book funds which substantially increase the amount of money available to us for purchasing music materials. In addition, they have given us the flexibility to make purchases that would otherwise not have been possible, particularly for antiquarian materials and costly facsimile editions and microform sets.

The Lucie King Harris Books for Music Fund 

Lucie King Harris, born in Sonoma in 1883, was an arts patron, a philanthropist, and an ardent horsewoman. She helped found the San Francisco Opera Association in 1922 and was a governor of the San Francisco Symphony Association, as well as a founder of the San Francisco Choral Society. After her death in 1974, her son Lawrence W. Harris, Jr. and his wife Jane chose to honor her through a book fund for music materials. The Lucie King Harris Books for Music Fund was the first endowed fund in Music at Stanford. 

Because of Mrs. Harris’s fondness for opera, the fund has largely been used to purchase materials relating to opera – current books and scores, CDs, DVDs, as well as rare books, manuscripts and printed scores, facsimile editions and microform sets. More recently, Mr. Larry Harris asked that the fund also be used to support undergraduate education. Thus, chamber music scores and recordings are purchased with the fund as well. 

Three of Lucie’s sons graduated from Stanford. Larry, a 1932 graduate, faithfully attended homecoming activities every year, well into his nineties. He and his wife Jane attended the San Francisco Opera, sitting in what were Lucie’s seats.


The Susan & Ruth Sharp Fund

The Susan and Ruth Sharp Fund, established by Mrs. Ruth Altschuler in 1982, supports the purchase of books and other educational materials for the Music Library. Mrs. Altschuler attended Stanford, as did her daughter, Susan, who received her undergraduate degree in American Studies in 1982. Mrs. Altschuler established this fund as a gesture to Stanford for the fine education both she and her daughter received here.

The fund has been used to acquire music history and reference books, scholarly and performance editions of musical scores, sound recordings, and microfilms of source materials for the Music Library. In support of the Department of Music curriculum, library materials documenting all time periods of musical history and performance are essential parts of our collections. The Susan and Ruth Sharp Fund has been used, for example, to acquire the work of Pierre Boulez, a pre-eminent twentieth-century composer and a renowned conductor, which is beautifully depicted in Eclats/Boulez (Paris: Editions de Centre Pompidou, 1986).


The von Schlegell Family Fund

Victor and Abbie von Schlegell both graduated fro Stanford in 1969 with psychology degrees. Mr. von Schlegell continued at Stanford receiving his MEA in 1971 and his Ph.D in Education in 1973. Both the von Schlegells have remained deeply committed to and involved with the University since then and are members of the Stanford Associates. In 1979 they established the von Schlegell Family Fund for the Music Library in honor of the large numbers of von Schlegells who have attended Stanford. The bookplate illustration shows the knight from the von Schlegell family crest.

The von Schlegell Family Fund has been used to purchase various materials in support of the departmental programs in music history and music theory. Books on historical topics in music, facsimiles of musical manuscripts, printed editions, treaties, and microfilms of such source materials as the unpublished sixteenth and seventeenth century continental music manuscripts in Christ Church Oxford and the Lincoln Cathedral Library music collection have been purchased through this fund. A facsimile of a Spanish musical treatise, Escuela Musica, Segun la Practica Moderna (Zaragoza: Institucion Fernando el Catolica, 1980) dating from 1723 is an example of the type of resource that gives students an opportunity to examine otherwise-unavailable materials and lends insight into the practices of early music printing.


Additional funds include:


Mary K. Abercrombie Book Fund


Allen B. Cagle Book Fund


Belva Kibler and Donald P. Morgan Memorial Fund


Hattie Clark Rosenbaum Library Fund