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[London, Oxford University Press]
Music Library » Stacks » ML5 .E12 V.39 2011
Includes "The manuscript dissemination of François Couperin’s harpsichord music", by Byron Sartain. The August 2013 issue focuses on Couperin and the French Baroque. Stanford readers may access this article online.
Stanford Libraries » Online resource » eResource
Includes Eleanor Selfridge-Field's essay, “Between an Analogue Past and a Digital Future: The Evolving Digital Present,” Wissenschaft im Digitalen Zeitalter: Symposium der Virtuellen Fachbibliothek Musikwissenschaft, Göttingen 2012. A pdf of the essay may be found under Kongressberichte und Tagungsbände/Congress Reports and Conference Books, in the document server section.
1. Aufl. Beucha : Sax-Verlag, 2013.
Music Library » Stacks » ML410 .W1 R545 2013
Includes ""Wie man wird, was man ist" : die Walküre, Erster Aufzug," by Karol Berger.
"In the spirit of the "new musicology," this book takes a new look at the ancient question of the relationship between music and language: Can we speak of music, even though certain aspects of it seem to elude words? What connection might be seen between music and language if one ignores the denotative aspect of language and focuses on, say, its timbre?"--publisher's website.
[Washington, etc., 1934- ]
Music Library » Stacks » ML25 .M98 V.21-22:INDEX 1963-1966
Featuring "Studying Britten: The Current Landscape of Published Britten Scholarship," by Jonathan Manton, Archive of Recorded Sound. The full text is available online to the Stanford community.
Winchester, Va. : Dorian Sono Luminus, [2012]
Music Library » Recordings » MCD 25862
Features Matthew Dirst, harpsichord and conductor.
Washington, DC : International Alliance for Women in Music, c1997-
Music Library » Stacks » ML82 .W62 V.20 2016
Includes "Hoopskirts, Coffee, and the Changing Musical Prospects of the Bach Women", by David Yearsley; and Jessica Payette's review of "Hearts of Pine: Songs in the Lives of Three Korean Survivors of the Japanese “Comfort Women” by Joshua D. Pilzer.
[S.l. : s.n.], c2013.
Archive of Recorded Sound » Stacks » ML416 .P88 W46 2013
"Child prodigy, conservatory virtuoso, prisoner of war—Purvis's life before Grace reads like a movie. Following his epic rise and fall at Grace, he continued to concertize, compose, and teach a new generation of organists in his own image: equally adept at playing church and theatre organs, unafraid to experiment—even with electronic organs—and trained to trust their ears, not just the page"--Publisher.
[Richmond, Va., etc., American Musicological Society]
Music Library » Stacks » ML27 .A498 V.67 2014
Includes "Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach, Portraits, and the Physiognomy of Music History", by Annette Richards.
Music Library » Recordings » MCD 26342
Includes Jiyeh, by Jonathan Berger; Livia Sohn, violin.
[Washington, etc., 1934- ]
Music Library » Stacks » ML25 .M98 V.21-22:INDEX 1963-1966
The September 2013 issue includes a book review by Joseph Sargent, of Stephen Town's An imperishable heritage: British choral music from Perry to Dyson: a study of selected works. Current issues of Notes are available electronically (Stanford access only).
[Princeton, N.J., Princeton University Press]
Music Library » Recordings
Includes "Improvisation as a creative dialogue", by Oded Ben-Tal and Caroline Wilkins. 
Zagreb, Institute of Musicology, Zagreb Academy of Music.
Music Library » Stacks (Limited loan)
Includes "Hearing Beethoven, Truth, and "New Music"", by Marcus Zagorski.
[Belgium] : Musique en Wallonie, [2012]
Music Library » Recordings » MCD 25645
De Orto and Josquin: Music in the Sistine Chapel around 1490 explores a cappella choral works by Renaissance composers living and working in Rome--Cut Circle website.
New York : Committee on Educational Resources, American Guild of Organists, [199-?]
Music Library » Recordings » MCD 25814
"Dr. Bates concentrates on the emotional impact of different tuning systems throughout history and how they both responded to, and shaped the music of their day"--AGO website.


Saint Paul, Minn. [etc.]
Music Library » Stacks » ML1 .S123 V.142 2015
Includes "Victoria's Doubting-Thomas Motet, O decus apostolicum", by William Mahrt (Fall 2012, p. 45-53)
San Francisco, CA : The Wagner Society of Northern California
Music Library » Stacks » ML410 .W1 A548 V.27 2013-2014
Features "Gabriele D'Annunzio's "Il caso Wagner" (The Case of Wagner): Reflections on Wagner, Nietzsche, and Wagnerismo from fin-de-siècle Italy", by Thomas Grey and James Westby, and a translation of D'Annunzio's essay by Grey and Westby.
Berlin : Ekho Verlag,
Music Library » Stacks » ML198.6 .F589 V.4 2015
Features "Ancient Pututus Contextualized: Integrative Archaeoacoustics at Chavín de Huántar, Peru", by Miriam A. Kolar, with John W. Rick, Perry R. Cook, and Jonathan S. Abel. Read the abstract here.
Oxford ; New York : Pergamon Press, c1991-
Music Library » Stacks (Limited loan)
Acoustics is the focus of the 2012 annual issue, and includes "TAPIR Sound as a New Medium for Music" by Woon Seung Yeo, Keunhyoung Kim, Seunghun Kim, Jeong-seob Lee; and, "Semiotics, Presence and the Sublime in the Work of Alvin Lucier", by Justin Yang. 
[Washington, etc., 1934- ]
Music Library » Stacks » ML25 .M98 V.21-22:INDEX 1963-1966
Review of Orazio Vecchi. Selva di varia ricreatione (1590) (Recent Researches in the Music of the Renaissance, 157), by Emiliano Ricciardi. Notes, 69/4 (June 2013).
New York : Oxford University Press, c2013.
Music Library » Stacks » ML3748.7 .M37 S38 2013
Find out more at the Oxford University Press website.
[London, Oxford University Press]
Music Library » Stacks » ML5 .E12 V.39 2011
Includes: McDowell E. Kenley, "Il Mattaccino: music and dance of the matachin and its role in Italian comedy", vol. XL/4, November 2012.
Hillsdale, NY : Pendragon Press, c2012.
Music Library » Stacks » ML55 .S8327 T74 2012
Includes "The Magnificat Quarti toni and Spanish Marian Devotion", by Joseph Sargent.
[France] : Eloquentia, cp2011.
Music Library » Recordings » MCD 24912
Livia Sohn, violin; Luigi Piovano, cello; Bernadene Blaha, piano. Visit their website here.
Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, c2012.
Music Library » Stacks » ML410 .J815 R64 2012
Music Library » Recordings » MCD 24916
Visit Holly's tumblr site here.
Stuttgart : Franz Steiner Verlag, c2012.
Music Library » Stacks » ML3811 .T663 2012
Includes "Schoenberg's Harmonielehre : psychology and comprehensibility", by Stephen Hinton.
Nacogdoches, TX : Stephen F. Austin State University, c1981-
Music Library » Stacks » ML1 .P974 V.25 2015
Includes "The high-voice superiority effect in polyphonic music is influenced by experience: A comparison of musicians who play soprano-range compared with bass-range instruments.", by Céline Marie; Takako Fujioka; Leland Herrington; Laurel J. Trainor.
London ; New York, N.Y. : Harwood Academic Pub., 1984-
Music Library » Recordings » MCD 4606 (V.15:1/2)
Special Issue: Pedagogical Praxis and Curricular Infrastructure in Graduate Music Composition, including:"Existential Crises in Composition Mentorship and the Creation of Creative Agency", by Mark Applebaum, and "An overview of the symposium", by Erik Ulman.