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<digiPrep>Workshops begin October 3rd



The first session of the new <digiPrep> Workshop series on Project Management begins next Thursday, October 3, from 2:00-4:00 pm. This session is for SUL staff only and includes an overview of project management and why it is fundamental for the successful completion of projects, and more.

The <digiPrep> workshops are geared toward library staff, enabling them to share best practices for successful digital projects. To find out more about the workshops and see the entire 2013-2014 schedule, see <digiPrep> Workshops: a new SUL series for digital research best practices. As a reminder, all of the seats for the Fall 2013 <digiPrep> session are full. Follow the link in the article to add your name to the waiting list for the January 2014 cohort.

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