Faculty’s perspective on a new map center

Professor Kären Wigen

Stanford faculty provide insight into the great value, purpose, and impact the David Rumsey Map Center will have on the Stanford community and around the world.

Kären Wigen - Frances and Charles Field Professor in History
David Rumsey’s remarkable map collection will be a very visible jewel in the Stanford Libraries’ crown. An archive of this scope, caliber, and renown is a rare windfall for any university’s special collections. Read more...

Grant Parker - Associate Professor of Classics
For some decades, Stanford Libraries' collection of maps has contained some real gems, and some significant areas of strength. One such area, early maps of Africa, has been close to my own teaching and research. These resources have already been curated in an enormously supportive manner, as we have come to expect of SUL.

But now David Rumsey has made a threefold contribution: the addition of thousands of physical maps, which students of all ages can inspect in person; a map collection website, with its georeferencing capacity; and a physical space that promotes the study of maps, and in fact challenges us to study maps in new ways. Read more...

Michael Kahan - Associate Director of the Program on Urban Studies
The David Rumsey Map Collection will make a tremendous impact in Urban Studies. The students in my urban history classes love to learn from maps, because maps not only reveal the city's physical and spatial contours, but frequently they document the social, economic, and cultural history of their day. Read more...

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