What's on at the Libraries: events, exhibits, and workshops

What's on at the Libraries' image
A couple of weeks ago, the Online Experience Group (OEG) announced a new feature for publicizing workshops, exhibits, and other events on the Library website. This new feature uses the Stanford Events system to automatically push your event (exhibit, workshop, etc.) to the Library's website.
If you haven't done so already, take a look at the Libraries' revamped Events and workshops pages, which now has the heading "What's on at the Libraries:". The new format allows users to easily sort by workshops, exhibits, general events, and all categories happening today.
The Libraries have a number of events, exhibits, and workshops scheduled in the coming weeks including:
Additionally, if you'd like your workshop, exhibit, or event publicized on the Library homepage features section, send an image to online-experience-group@lists.stanford.edu. Images should be 300px wide by 220px tall and include image/photo credit. The email should also include a very short description of the event and the event link.
With all the happenings in the Libraries and the beginning of fall quarter, we look forward to seeing this site populated with many more events in the coming weeks. See: Creating events on the Stanford Libraries' website for instructions on publishing your events on the Libraries' website.
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