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April 19, 2017

ReMix: Stanford Libraries' e-newsletter | April 2017

April ReMix: Celebrate Libraries

Dear Friend,

People, books, data, ideas, and technology – all converge at the Libraries, which serve as Stanford’s intellectual crossroads. Our system is inclusive of services, spaces and specialists that together foster an encouraging, non-competitive environment – both online and offline – for interdisciplinary and exploratory investigation.

“The library makes me feel endlessly capable,” an undergraduate penned on a Post-it note at a Valentine’s Day celebration in Green Library. At their fingertips and with the support of subject specialists and technology experts, students, professors and scholars leverage library resources to build defenses, refine questions, and publish and preserve scholarship. 

By supporting the Stanford Libraries Annual Fund, you are strengthening the scholarly workbench for all Stanford students and faculty.

Assistant Professor of Anthropology Krish Seetah in the Zooarchaeology class.

Assistant Professor of Anthropology Krish Seetah in the Zooarchaeology class.

A workbench providing versatile research tools for highly specialized academic skillsets is an apt analogy for visualizing the working environment in any of Stanford’s library spaces. In one example, an anthropology professor in partnership with an academic technology specialist developed an interactive, digital repository of 3D images of fragile bones and skeletons for use in Zooarchaeology: An Introduction to Faunal Remains. In another case, a professor and a curator assembled a research team whose work on how candidates’ political rhetoric targets specific population segments is now making headlines leading up to the national elections in France.

Detail from a network graph showing frequent bigrams used by Marine Le Pen.

Detail from a network graph showing frequent bigrams used by Marine Le Pen.

These stories – there are many similar examples – demonstrate the collaborative relationships between library specialists and the Stanford community. Our staff are knowledgeable, respected, dedicated, compassionate professionals, steadfast advocates of the humanities and stewards of the sciences. They make our library spaces welcoming places, as libraries have been and should be. Their collective expertise applied to our special and general collections, both physical and digital, for the benefit of scholars and scholars-in-training, best defines what it means to be a 21st-century library. 

Please consider a gift of $250 or an amount of your own choosing to commemorate National Library Week, 9-15 April. If you wish to honor a current or former library worker with your donation, we will be pleased to send the honoree an acknowledgment. 

We remain grateful that you regard the Libraries among the many worthwhile endeavors to support at Stanford.

Gifts may be made online Post-it, "I love you!"
or by check mailed to:
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With best wishes and gratitude,

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Michael A. Keller
University Librarian

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