Claudia A. Engel

Academic Technology Specialist and Lecturer, Department of Anthropology

Claudia Engel
(650) 724-7452

As Academic Technology Specialist for the Department of Anthropology and affiliate with the Center for Interdisciplinary Digital Research at the Stanford Libraries I collaborate with Anthropology faculty on innovative technology projects that are part of their research and teaching. I also teach and co-teach Anthropology courses.



  • Ph.D. in Anthropology, University of Göttingen, Germany
  • M.S. in Biology, University of Göttingen, Germany
  • B.A. in Education, University of Göttingen, Germany
  • B.S. in Biology, University of Marburg, Germany

Professional activities 

Research Collaborations:

Marketstreet Chinatown Project
Cigarette Citadels
3D models for Archaeology
Çatalhöyük Living Archive


ANTHRO 130d/230d/POLISCI 241s: Spatial Approaches to Social Science
ANTHRO 130b/230b: Introduction to GIS in Anthropology
ANTHRO 182N: Smoke and Mirrors in Global Health
ANTHRO 98C/298C: Digital Methods in Anthropology


R and mapping with R 
Spatial tools and GIS
Digital Tools for Ethnography: Computer supported fieldwork, mobile devices
Data Analysis Tools

Selected Publications 

C. Engel, M. Widner, J. Heppler: From the Laptop to the Archive: Managing Research Data in the Humanities. Panel presentation at Digital Library Federation Forum 2015, Vancouver, BC, October 26-28, 2015

K. Seetah, C. Engel, S. Čaval, D. Calaon, H. Moots: 3D Technology in Teaching and Doing Archaeology. Exhibit at 2015 ATXpo, Stanford University, Stanford, CA, October 12th, 2015

C. Engel, K. Grossner: Representing the Archaeological Process at Çatalhöyük in a Living Archive. In Ian Hodder, Arkadiusz Marciniak (Eds): Assembling Çatalhöyük. European Association of Archaeologists Contemporary Themes in Archaeology. Manley Publishing, Leeds, UK. 2015

C. Engel: Mapping Cairo: An exploration of Egypt's socio-political geography. Invited panelist. Stanford, CA, May 20, 2015

C. Engel, K. Udo-okoye: Cigarette Citadels. Digital poster at 2014 ATXpo, Stanford University, Stanford, CA October 3, 2014

C. Engel: Beyond the Hype: Long Term Strategies for iPad Programs in Higher Education. Panel presentation at EDUCAUSE Annual Conference 2014, Orlando, FL September 29-October 2, 2014

C. Engel, K. Grossner, M. Forte, E. Meeks, and J. Issavi: The Archaeological process at Çatalhöyük - Creating a Living Archive. 20th Annual Meeting of European Archeological Association, Istanbul, Turkey, September 10-14, 2014

C. Engel, K. Grossner, and E. Meeks: Data Management at Çatalhöyük: From Database to Living Archive. Presentation at Thinking Archaeological Science (TAS): Conversations on Theorizing Archaeological Materials Analysis, Data Management, and Technique Development Stanford Archaeology Center, Stanford University, May 16-17, 2014

P. Ebron, C. Engel: Towards a Spatial Ethnography. Presentation at the AAG Annual Meeting, Washington, DC, April 2013.