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Matthew Pearson

Image Quality Assurance Specialist

Matthew's role in the library

Support for digital preservation production and services at Stanford University Libraries

Professional activities


Selected publications

Image Defect Pages for digital preservation projects

Bayer moire defect and its impact on map vectorization

Why 300ppi? Top-down methodology for determining your digitization project needs

How we got "there" from here: An overview of the design and implementation of a digital documentation Photography Studio

More about Matthew

I've worked as a media photographer for The Boston Herald, The Boston Globe, and The Associated Press, Reuters. My commercial clients have included 3Com, Boston University, CYTYC, Keystone, and Harvard University. I have taught over 100 courses in writing and photography. Before joining SULAIR, I developed the digitization services for the Northeast Document Conservation Center, where I served as their lead technical photographer and project manager.

I am active as a visual artist.



Tufts University
San Jose State University