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Michael L Newman

Biology Librarian
Acting Librarian for Mathematics and Statistics
Michael Newman


  • (650) 723-1110

Michael's role in the library

As the Biology Librarian in the Robin Li and Melissa Ma Science Library, I assist members of the Stanford community in finding and using information in the life sciences.  I also offer workshops in using databases and other sources to find journal articles and other digital and printed information in biology.  I select journals, books, media, and other information resources in the life sciences for Stanford's collections and I welcome suggestions for purchase.

Topic Guides by Michael

Guide Last Updated Subject tag
Mathematics and statistics 2016-05-27 Mathematics and statistics
General biology 2016-04-14 Biology
Biodiversity 2016-06-08 Biology, Earth sciences, Climate and weather, Global ecology
Cell biology 2016-04-12 Biology, Genetics, Molecular and cellular biology, Biochemistry, Bioengineering, Medicine and health
Developmental biology 2016-04-11 Biology, Developmental biology, Medicine and health
Ecology 2016-06-08 Agriculture, forestry, and wildlife, Biology, Toxicology and chemical safety, Earth sciences, Environmental studies
Wetlands and aquatic environments 2016-04-11 Aquatic studies, Marine biology, Biology, Environmental studies
Sleep science 2016-04-11 Biology, Neuroscience
Population biology 2016-04-12 Biology, Population studies (Biology)
Nucleic acid analysis 2016-04-12 Biology, Genetics, Molecular and cellular biology
Neurobiology 2016-04-11 Biology, Neuroscience, Medicine and health, Neuroscience (psychology)
Microbiology 2016-04-11 Biology, Molecular and cellular biology, Medicine and health
Evolutionary biology 2016-04-12 Biology, Genetics, Population studies (Biology)
Insect biology 2016-04-12 Agriculture, forestry, and wildlife, Biology, Global ecology
Genetics and genomics 2016-06-08 Biology, Developmental biology, Genetics, Molecular and cellular biology, Population studies (Biology)
Leland Scholars Program 2017-01-05 Biology, Chemistry, Environmental studies, Physics and astronomy
Statistical Analysis Resources 2017-03-03 Engineering, Mathematics and statistics
CHEM-H undergraduate scholars 2017-02-01 Biology, Chemistry, Chemical engineering, Medicine and health
Mobile apps for biology 2016-12-13 Biology
Mobile apps for mathematics and statistics 2016-12-13 Mathematics and statistics
Methods and protocols 2016-11-11 Biology, Chemistry

Course Guides by Michael

Course number Term Guide Instructor
CHEM 181 (CHEMENG 181, CHEMENG 182) Fall 2016 Biochemistry Cegelski, L.
BIO 46 Winter 2017 Introduction to research in ecology and evolutionary biology Jessica Coyle

Professional activities

I am an active member of the Medical Library Association and its Molecular Biology and Genomics Special Interest Group.

Selected publications

Newman, Michael L.; Sack, John. Information workflow of academic researchers in the evolving information environment: an interview study. Learned Publishing, Volume 26, Number 2, April 2013 , pp. 123-131(9).;jsessionid=sjd08ab2c5s7.alice

Newman M. “Information workflow of academic researchers in the changing technological environment: an interview study.” Contributed paper presented at the annual meeting of the Medical Library Association, Minneapolis, May 2011.

Newman M. Collections strategies for electronic books. Information Outlook 2010 Jun; 14 (4): 10-12.

Newman M. “HighWire Press 2009 Librarian eBook Survey." Survey results analysis by Michael Newman, foreword by Anh Bui. Stanford, California: HighWire Press, 2010.

Osborne NJ, Newman ML, Payne D. Journal editorial policies, animal welfare, and the 3Rs. American Journal of Bioethics 2009 Dec; 9 (12): 55-59.