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Michael L Newman

Head Librarian and Bibliographer
Michael Newman


  • (650) 723-1110
Herrin Hall, 3rd Floor

Michael's role in the library

As the Head Librarian at Falconer Biology Library, I assist members of the Stanford community in finding and using information in the life sciences.  I also offer workshops in using databases and other sources to find journal articles and other digital and printed information in biology.  I select journals, books, media, and other information resources in the life sciences for Stanford's collections and I welcome suggestions for purchase.

Topic Guides by Michael

Guide Last Updated Subject tag
Mathematics and statistics 2016-05-27 Mathematics and statistics
General biology 2016-04-14 Biology
Biodiversity 2016-06-08 Biology, Earth sciences, Climate and weather, Global ecology
Cell biology 2016-04-12 Biology, Genetics, Molecular and cellular biology, Biochemistry, Bioengineering, Medicine and health
Developmental biology 2016-04-11 Biology, Developmental biology, Medicine and health
Ecology 2016-06-08 Agriculture, forestry, and wildlife, Biology, Toxicology and chemical safety, Earth sciences, Environmental studies
Wetlands and aquatic environments 2016-04-11 Aquatic studies, Marine biology, Biology, Environmental studies
Sleep science 2016-04-11 Biology, Neuroscience
Population biology 2016-04-12 Biology, Population studies (Biology)
Nucleic acid analysis 2016-04-12 Biology, Genetics, Molecular and cellular biology
Neurobiology 2016-04-11 Biology, Neuroscience, Medicine and health, Neuroscience (psychology)
Microbiology 2016-04-11 Biology, Molecular and cellular biology, Medicine and health
Evolutionary biology 2016-04-12 Biology, Genetics, Population studies (Biology)
Insect biology 2016-04-12 Agriculture, forestry, and wildlife, Biology, Global ecology
Genetics and genomics 2016-06-08 Biology, Developmental biology, Genetics, Molecular and cellular biology, Population studies (Biology)
Leland Scholars Program 2016-08-24 Biology, Chemistry, Environmental studies, Physics and astronomy
Statistical Analysis Resources 2016-04-27 Engineering, Mathematics and statistics
CHEM-H undergraduate scholars 2016-03-31 Biology, Chemistry, Chemical engineering, Medicine and health
Mobile apps for biology 2016-07-08 Biology
Mobile apps for mathematics and statistics 2016-07-08 Mathematics and statistics
Methods and protocols 2016-11-11 Biology, Chemistry

Course Guides by Michael

Course number Term Guide Instructor
CHEM 181 (CHEMENG 181, CHEMENG 182) Fall 2016 Biochemistry Cegelski, L.

Professional activities

I am an active member of the Medical Library Association and its Molecular Biology and Genomics Special Interest Group.

Selected publications

Newman, Michael L.; Sack, John. Information workflow of academic researchers in the evolving information environment: an interview study. Learned Publishing, Volume 26, Number 2, April 2013 , pp. 123-131(9).;jsessionid=sjd08ab2c5s7.alice

Newman M. “Information workflow of academic researchers in the changing technological environment: an interview study.” Contributed paper presented at the annual meeting of the Medical Library Association, Minneapolis, May 2011.

Newman M. Collections strategies for electronic books. Information Outlook 2010 Jun; 14 (4): 10-12.

Newman M. “HighWire Press 2009 Librarian eBook Survey." Survey results analysis by Michael Newman, foreword by Anh Bui. Stanford, California: HighWire Press, 2010.

Osborne NJ, Newman ML, Payne D. Journal editorial policies, animal welfare, and the 3Rs. American Journal of Bioethics 2009 Dec; 9 (12): 55-59.