Robert Schwarzwalder

Associate University Librarian for Science & Engineering

Director, Library Technologies

I serve a dual administrative role with the Library, managing the Science and Engineering Libraries as well as managing Library Technology. I am also active in SUL's emerging data management initiative.


  • Ph.D., Biology, Indiana University
  • M.L.S., Library & Information Science, Indiana University
  • B.S., Botany, Louisiana State University

Professional activities 

American Society for Engineering Education

     Member (1989 -- present); Library Division Chair, 1995-1996

     Homer Berhardt Distinguished Service Award, 1999

American Chemical Society

     Member, Publications Advisory Board, 1998 -- present


Selected Publications 

Schwarzwalder, R. System and Method of Providing Information to an Onboard Information Device in a Vehicle. US Patent Number 6,812,860. Granted November 2, 2004.

Shaner, S., L. Nakamura, B. Harimoto, and R. Schwarzwalder. State of Hawaii Act 177 based upon HB 515, “A Bill for an Act Related to Government Records.” Signed into law by Governor Linda Lingle on June 30, 2005.  (To amend Chapters 46 and 92 to allow the use of electronic records.)

Schwarzwalder, Robert. Electronic Information Resources: Your Online Survival Guide. In Mechanical Engineer’s Handbook, Book 3: Manufacturing and Management, 3rd ed: Kutz, Myer; John Wiley & Sons: New York; 2006. (Book Chapter)

Wang, H., Dilcher, D., Schwarzwalder, R. and Kvacek, J., Vegetative and Reproductive Morphology of an Extinct Early Cretaceous Member of Platanaceae from the Braun’s Ranch Locality, Kansas, USA.  International Journal of Plant Science 172(1): 139-157, 2011. DOI:10.1086/657281.

Sweetkind-Singer, J. and Schwarzwalder, R. Making the Transition from Text to Data Repositories. Proceedings of the International Association of Scientific and Technology Libraries, 31st Annual Conference, 2010, .

Schwarzwalder, R. and D. Dilcher.  Systematic Placement of the Platanaceae in the Hamamelidae. Annals of the Missouri Botanical Garden. 78(4): 962-969, 1991.

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