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Sarah E Lester

Engineering Librarian for Outreach, Instruction and Electronic Resources
Sarah Lester


  • (650) 725-1018

Sarah's role in the library

I am the liaison for the Computer Science, Bioengineering and Mechanical Engineering Departments.  I collect materials and provide research support for these departments and their related labs and research groups, in addition I maintain the library's collection of industry standards.  I provide instruction support for PWR courses and teach workshops on various topics at the Engineering Library. 

Topic Guides by Sarah

Guide Last Updated Subject tag
Automotive engineering 2012-12-18 Automotive engineering
Airfoil Data 2017-03-14 Aeronautics and astronautics
Aircraft Materials and Avionics 2017-03-03 Aeronautics and astronautics
Aeronautics and Astronautics (AA) 2017-03-03 Aeronautics and astronautics
AIAA Papers 2017-03-03 Aeronautics and astronautics
Electrical Engineering (EE) 2017-03-03 Electrical engineering
Concrete and cement 2017-03-03 Civil engineering
Earthquake resources for civil engineers 2017-03-03 Civil engineering
Civil engineering resources 2017-03-03 Civil engineering
Environmental engineering resources 2017-03-03 Environmental engineering, Environmental studies
Materials science and engineering resources 2017-03-03 Materials science and engineering
Geothermal engineering resources 2017-03-03 Energy resource engineering, Environmental engineering
Management Science and Engineering (MS&E) 2017-03-03 Management science and engineering
Green building resources 2017-03-03 Civil engineering, Environmental engineering
Nano 2017-03-03 Chemistry, Nanoscience and nanotechnology, Chemical engineering, Materials science and engineering
Working Papers, Technical Reports, Case Studies 2017-03-03 Management science and engineering
Patents 2017-03-03 Chemistry, Engineering
Physical properties of materials 2017-03-03 Materials science and engineering, Mechanical design, Mechanical engineering
Bioengineering 2017-03-10 Bioengineering
Water and wastewater resources 2017-03-03 Earth systems, Environmental engineering
Medical device design and regulation 2015-03-05 Bioengineering, Materials science and engineering, Mechanical design, Medicine and health
Science and engineering technical reports 2017-03-03 Engineering
Commercial product information 2017-03-03 Industrial engineering, Management science and engineering
Computer science 2015-09-24 Computer science
Grants and funding for science & engineering 2017-03-03 Aquatic studies, Biology, Chemistry, Earth sciences, Engineering, Environmental studies, Mathematics and statistics, Physics and astronomy
Mechanical Engineering 2017-01-06 Mechanical design, Mechanical engineering
Standards 2016-09-13 Engineering
Architectural construction and design 2017-03-03 Architecture, Civil engineering
Entrepreneurship Resources 2017-03-03 Computer industry, Bioengineering, Management science and engineering, Economics and business
Putting content on e-readers 2017-03-03 Digital collections
Leland Scholars Program 2017-01-05 Biology, Chemistry, Environmental studies, Physics and astronomy
Software Help for Engineers 2017-03-03 Computers and computing, Computer science, Software, Engineering, Mathematics and statistics
Statistical Analysis Resources 2017-03-03 Engineering, Mathematics and statistics
Expanding engineering limits - culture, diversity, and gender 2017-01-27 Engineering, Sociology, Feminist studies

Course Guides by Sarah

Course number Term Guide Instructor
PWR 2SB Winter 2014 Writing 'Science': Fact, Fiction, and Everything Between Brawn, S.
ENGR 202W Autumn, Winter, Spring ENGR 202W: Technical writing Harrison, K
MATSCI-81N Fall MATSCI 81N: Bioengineering materials to heal the body Heilshorn, S.
ENGR 102M Spring 2013 Technical/Professional Writing for Mechanical Engineers McDevitt, M.
CEE 178/276 Fall 2015 CEE 178/276 Human exposure analysis Kopperud, R.
PWR 2RC Winter 2017 Red Pill or Blue Pill? : The Rhetoric of Drugs Carpenter, R
PWR1 GNV Winter 2014 Rhetoric of bioethics and biopolitics Varsava ,N
PWR 1TS Fall 2014 White Mice and White Coats: The Rhetoric of Biomedical Science Stan, T.
PWR 1 D Summer 2015 Writing Well: An Introduction to College Writing Carpenter, R.
PWR 1TS Fall 2015 Rhetoric of the Experiment Stan, T.
PWR 1MO Winter 2017 Imagining Technology: The Rhetoric of Humans and Machines Formato, M.
PWR1 TSA Spring 2016 Rhetoric of Innovation Stan, T.

Selected publications

Lester, S. (presenter), “The End User Experience;” Springer E-book Summit, San Diego, CA, January 7, 2011

Lester, S. (presenter), “Stanford Engineering Library —Envisioning an Evolving Facility;” American Society for Engineering Education, Engineering Libraries Division, June 22, 2010

Lester, S. (2009).  Using Serendipity to Navigate the Stacks. Ambidextrous, 11, 10-12.


MLIS, University of Washington, 2006
BA, Liberal Arts, The Evergreen State College, 1994