Meeting venue

The event will be held in two locations, Monday and Tuesday at the Herbery Hoover Memorial Building, and Wednesday in the David Rumsey Map Center in Green Library.

On Monday, the event will be held in the Herbert Hoover Memorial Building, in the Stauffer Auditorium.  https://goo.gl/maps/TnLqyujYsqL2

The Hoover Tower is an easy landmark, and then you can find the Herbert Hoover Memorial Building on the map below.  There will be signs and Stanford staff on the lookout to help you to the room.

Hoover Institution Buildings.jpg


Information about transportation to Stanford can be found at http://transportation.stanford.edu. Some important and helpful transportation links include:

  • CalTrain - local commuter rail between San Francisco and San Jose.
  • Marguerite Shuttle - Stanford's free public shuttle service, which travels around campus and connects to nearby transit, shopping, dining, and entertainment.


Parking on campus can be something of an adventure.  But if you arrive by or before 8:30am it is much easier.  If you are driving we recommend parking near the Stanford Visitor Center in what is referred to as the “Visitor Center Lot” or  “Track House Lot” (see https://goo.gl/6xc7uB.)  It’s an eight-minute walk to Hoover. Be sure to park in visitor parking spaces, and pay for a full day at the parking permit machines.  Alternative methods of getting to campus from your hotel can be found at: https://transportation.stanford.edu.

Air Travel

There are three airports in reasonable proximity to Stanford:


Travel and accommodation is at your own expense, or the expense of your institution. Below we've provided some guidance on air travel, lodging and transportation. There are many hotels in close proximity to campus. A review of some of them can be found on the Hydra Wiki. Increasingly, visitors to Stanford are finding affordable lodging on AirBnB.

Official Visitor Information

Additional helpful information can be found at Stanford's official visitor information site at http://visit.stanford.edu.