Fantastic Futures 2019

National Library of Norway and Stanford Libraries

Plenary Session Recordings, December 4, 2019

Conference hosts Michael Keller and Aslak Myhre introduce the 2nd International Conference on AI for Libraries, Archives, and Museums

Keynote: Bryan Catanzaro

Bryan Catanzaro, VP for applied deep learning at Nvidia gives his keynote address, "Datasets make algorithms: how creating, curating, and distributing data creates modern AI."

Discussion: AI and Data Privacy

Ashley Jester hosts Monica Lam, Angèle Christin, and Rachel Thomas for a discussion about data privacy and policy, sharing perspectives from political science, computer science, and sociology.

Lightining Talks: Democratizing AI

Rachel Thomas speaks about teaching the masses to build AI. Teemu Roos introduces us to Elements of AI. Emanuel Zgraggen demonstrates Northstar, an example of new developments in interactive data analytics.

Keynote: Joanna Bryson

Joanna Bryson, Computer Scientist at University of Bath gives the talk, "Information professionals and intelligent machines: Can we save the librarians?"

Lightning Talks: Cultural Heritage I

Five lightning talks on applications of AI to cultural heritage: In Codice Ratio - Vatican Apostolic Archive, Elena Nieddu Map feature extraction, Thomas Van Dijk

Discussion: Visual Art and Algorithmic Making

Vanessa Kam, head of Bowes Art and Architecture Library at Stanford, hosts Kenric McDowell, Emanuele Lugli, and Kyle McDonald in conversation about how art making and art interpretation are changing.

Lightning Talks: Cultural Heritage II

Four brief presentations at the intersection of AI and cultural heritage: Nancy, Svein Arne Brygfjeld (NLN) WGBH archives, Karen Cariani and James Pustejovsky

Closing: Traditional Values and Fantastic Futures

Michael Keller and Aslak Sira Myhre in conversation with Nicole Coleman