National Library of Norway and Stanford Libraries

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A map of the venues is available here.

Your Hosts

The Fantastic Futures 2019 conference is a collaboration between Stanford University Libraries and the National Library of Norway building on the breakout conference of the same name in Oslo 2018.


Conference Planning and Coordination

Svein Arne Brygfjeld (National Library of Norway)

Nicole Coleman (Stanford Libraries)

Tom Cramer (Stanford Libraries)

Claudia Engel (Stanford Libraries)

Jib Kiattinant (Stanford Libraries)

Quentin Verwaerde (Stanford Libraries intern)


With additional support from 

Astrid Usong, Scott Bailey, Peter Broadwell, Judy Dobry, Quinn Dombrowski, Mary Elings, Stace Maples, Zac Painter, Jack Reed, André Walsøe, Freddy Wetjen, Peter Mangiafico, Quentin Verwaerde.