Plenary Sessions

Fantastic Futures Conference 2019

National Library of Norway and Stanford Libraries

Plenary Sessions

Wednesday 4 December


What can we do with AI? What should we do?

Keynote Speakers


AI and Cultural Heritage, Lightning Talks I

Corpus Emmanuelle Bermès (National Library of France)

Nancy Svein Arne Brygfjeld (National Library of Norway)

PixPlot Peter Leonard (Yale)

In Codice Ratio Elena Nieddu (Roma Tre)



Data Privacy and Ethics, Discussion

How do we define consent in the digital age? How do we address data gathering in public spaces? How do we address digital 'footprints' and tracking in connection with research resources, rights to data removal and the 'right to be forgotten'?

Ashley Jester, Assitant Director of the Science and Engineering Libraries at Stanford, will host Angèle Christin, professor in the Department of Communication and affiliated faculty in the Sociology Department and Program in Science, Technology, and Society at Stanford University, and Rachel Thomas, co-founder and professor at the USF Data Institute.


AI and Cultural Heritage, Lightning Talks II

Automating Indexing of the American Archive of Public Broadcasting Karen Cariani (WGBH) and James Pustejovsky (Brandeis)

Living with Machines Katie McDonough (Turing Institute)

Chronic & Siamese Thomas Smits (National Library of the Netherlands)

Extracting Data from Historical Maps Thomas Van Dijk (University of Würzburg)



AI and Visual Art, Discussion

How can AI be used to further research in art history or an artist’s visual art practice?  How could AI impact these disciplines?  Can we speak of a computer's subjectivity when it "reads" images?  And if so, what can we learn from it?  

Vanessa Kam, head of Bowes Art & Architecture Library, will host Kyle McDonald, 'an artist working with code' who will speak about his concept of 'weird intelligence', Kenric McDowell who co-leads the artist+machine intelligence program at Google, and Emanuele Lugli assistant professor of Art History at Stanford University.



Democratizing AI, Lightning Talks

Elements of AI Teemu Roos (University of Helsinki)

FastAI Rachel Thomas (USF Data Institute)

Northstar Emanuel Zgraggen (CSAIL MIT)