Technology demos

The HIVE (HANA Immersive Visualization Environment)

Monday, April 6th, 1-2pm

The HANA Immersive Visualization Environment (HIVE) is a visualization center located at Huang 050 and is open to all Stanford faculty, students and staff. The HIVE allows collaborative visualization in teaching and research across the sciences, social sciences.  Researchers use multiple displays simultaneously to investigate various aspects of data collection, simulation, and visualization and to zoom in to see detail at previously unheard-of-levels. 

For more information and technical specifications, visit:

  1. Tech specifications of the Hive (5 minutes) - Brian Tempero
  2. Linux content, including flow dynamics, fractals, astrophysics (5 minutes) - Brian Tempero
  3. Windows content, including coral reef, Rumsey maps, anatomy content (10 minutes) - Brian Tempero
  4. Google Earth Engine (15 minutes) - Stace Maples
  5. Aerial imagery to identify off-gassing of wells (10 minutes) - Jacob Englander
  6. Q&A (15 minutes)


Oalla Interactive Digital Signage

Monday, April 6th, 2-3pm

Oalla is an interactive digital signage system developled by Michael Fischer, member of MobiSocial, a research group of the Department of Computer Science at Stanford University.  The system consists of a small, inexpensive Android stick and HDMI cable connected to a large monitor in a public space. Its goal is to use mobile technology and social content to enhance communication and collaboration in a physical space. 

Several Oalla apps will be used during the Gear Up event, including the virtual corkboard and photobooth.

For more information, visit: