Publishing workshops

Publishing your research for maximum reach and impact - what you need to know about Open Access publishing

Presented by: Peter Binfield, Founder and Publisher PeerJ

Open Access to academic articles is rapidly becoming the norm, not the exception. In this presentation, Dr. Peter Binfield (Publisher of the Open Access journal PeerJ and previously the Publisher of PLOS ONE) will explain the current landscape of Open Access publishing and what that means for you as an early career researcher.

1:00pm, Huang 305

How to Write a Quality Technical Paper and Where to Publish within IEEE

Presented by George Plosker, IEEE

Learn more about how to publish papers in IEEE periodicals and conferences, as well as how to select an appropriate IEEE periodical or conference for your content.  This overview of how to become an IEEE author will also touch on best practices for searching IEEE.

2pm, Huang 305

Presentation slides

Publishing in Scientific Journals: a behind the scenes look at the editorial process

Presented by: Katja Brose, Editor, Neuron

This workshop will guide attendees through the academic publishing process from article preparation to responding to reviewer comments.  Best practices designed to help get researchers published will be featured throughout the presentation.

3pm, Huang 305

Presentation slides