Publishing workshops

Strategies for finding the best publication for your research

Presented by Kathleen Gust, Terman Engineering Library

One of the most important aspects of the publication process is the choice of a journal that is likely to accept your work. This talk covers how to discover and select journal partners for your work and the importance of author identifiers such as ORCid.

One hour workshop, 1pm, Huang Room 305

How to Write a Quality Technical Paper and Where to Publish within IEEE

Presented by George Plosker, IEEE

Learn how to publish papers in IEEE periodicals and conferences. This overview of how to become an IEEE author will also include tips on searching the IEEE Xplore Digital Library to identify the best journals and conferences as well as how to stay up-to-date on the latest research using saved search alerts.

One hour workshop, 2pm, Huang Room 305

Publishing in Scientific Journals: A behind the scenes look at the editorial process

Presented by George Woodward, Senior Publisher, Health & Medical Sciences, Elsevier

This workshop will guide attendees through the academic publishing process from article preparation to responding to reviewer comments. Best practices designed to help get researchers published will be featured as well as information on authors’ rights and publishing ethics.

90 minute workshop, 3pm, Huang 305