Winter 2022

Gear Up for Social Science Data

Join the Stanford Libraries and Stanford Graduate School of Business Library via Zoom for 2-days of talks by data providers, librarians and, expert panelists and a hands-on qualitative methods workshop. This event is for Stanford faculty, students, and staff from all schools and departments on campus.

Kindly register for this event if you will be joining us. 



Day 1 | Thursday, March 3rd


U.S. Census - Lia Bolden, Data Dissemination Specialist, U.S. Census Bureau. 10:00AM-10:55AM
IRB (Institutional Review Board) process - Kateri Noble, IRB Manager, Stanford University. 11:00AM-11:55AM
EPS China Data:census & statistical data - Lei Lei, Data analyst, EPS China. 12:00PM-12:30PM
Qualitative Research (3-hr) workshop - Dr. Johnny Saldaña, Professor Emeritus, ASU. 1:00PM-4:00PM
Redivis demo - Ian Mathews, Co-founder CEO Redivis. 1:00PM-2:00PM

Day 2 | Friday, March 4th


CoreLogic - Tyler Waaler, Data Consultant, CoreLogic. 10:00AM-10:55AM
Gallup Polling Data - Jerry Hansen, Learning Solutions Consultant, Gallup. 11:00AM-12:00PM
Wharton Research Data Services (WRDS): SEC Analytics: Eunji Oh, Research Support Director. WRDS. 12:00PM-12:55PM
Stanford Libraries, Software and Services for Data Science (SSDS) - Evan Muzzall & Kate Barron, Stanford. 1:30PM-1:55PM
Health & Wellbeing panel (qualitative collaboration & NVivo) Dr. Patricia Rodriguez Espinosa & Dr. Charles Varner, Stanford. 2:00PM-2:55PM
Stanford Libraries, Center for Interdisciplinary Digital Research (CIDR) - CIDR team panel discussion, Stanford. 3:00PM-4:00PM











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